Zelda-like Adventure in Aellion launches public beta with early access launch penned in for July

Platforms: PC

The ultra-cute Adventure in Aellion has been announced for launch on Early Access on 22nd July, but gamers can get an early peak thanks to the public beta which launches in solo-player mode TODAY!

Check out the trailer above.

Adventure in Aellion is an open-world fantasy epic combining the game style of classic Legend of Zelda with seamless drop-in, drop-out multiplayer to create a world ripe for exploration.

During its Early Access development, Aellion's open world will grow to be an expansive adventure brimming with secrets. With a faithful steed of your choosing, ride through unknown landscapes and bustling towns, or head straight to the darkest dungeon you can find. Unlock tools and treasures to help you in your quest, or take on the toughest enemies with your fists alone - the choice is yours.

Designed for anyone to be able to pick up and play, Adventure in Aellion pairs simple controls with tricky puzzles - no matter your experience, anyone can be a hero of Aellion. 

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