A mysterious ice ball has appeared in the sky in Fortnite

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Today, a mysterious ball of ice, that we're going to call Roland (lets see if we can make that stick!), has appeared in the sky above Polar Peak in Fortnite Battle Royale beginning the theories and anticipation for the eighth season of content in the game.

Recent weeks have seen snow invade the map and the introduction of aircraft to the game, along with zip wires - events that have materially changed how the game is played. Last season was all about the after effects of the giant purple cube (which fans named Kevin) that decimated Loot Lake, this season has been dealing with the arrival of the storm that brought the snow to the map.

Data miners have already worked out that the ball is tied to an upcoming ice storm event and we expect the theories about what that will entail to ramp up over the next few days and weeks.

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