4-Block Dungeon turns Tetris into a brilliant Roguelike RPG

You think a game has been taken as far as it can and then something like 4-Block Dungeon comes along to destroy all your previously held beliefs. It’s a fantastic take on Tetris – but instead of just being the falling block puzzler that you know – you’re actually creating your own unique Roguelike RPG on every level.

As the blocks fall down the screen you play your usual Tetris game of making them fit together as best you can, but each block is also another part of the unique dungeon you’re creating and it might carry valuable loot or an enemy for you to thwart.

You must also make sure your character isn’t caught up in the usual Tetris ruminations – if a row is destroyed while you’re on it then its game over, and unlike the usual Tetris, filling up the screen isn’t the end – that last block will contain a portal that you must reach to progress to the next level.

It all sounds a bit manic – but actually it’s a really relaxing game to play and while it’s still in the early prototype stages it’s already something of a time sink.

Developed by SquareDev, you can get a feel of the game by watching the video they’ve posted over on Twitter.

Not only that – you can go play the prototype right now on itch.io.

Writing on their itch.io page, the developers say “The goal of this prototype version of the game is to collect as much loot and level up by defeating the enemies before the map gets filled to the top, when that happens, a portal will appear. Reaching it will mean victory.” 

We’ll be watching the development of 4-Block Dungeon closely as it has the potential to be a brilliant game that is already fun to play at these really early stages.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

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