2K add unskippable in-game ads for full-price NBA 2K21 (UPDATE)

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2K add unskippable in-game ads for full-price NBA 2K21 (UPDATE)

UPDATE: 2K have issued a statement on the matter of unskippable ads in NBA 2K21, claiming they were not supposed to be there and will be removed in an upcoming update.

ORIGINAL STORY: When you pay full-price for a game that should be the end of the transaction. You should not be getting pushed to buy more products. 

2K made the strange choice to insert advertisements into NBA 2K21. As first reported by Stevivor, 2K added the adverts into the full-price basketball franchise as part of a pre-game loading sequence. That means the ads cannot be skipped.

The ads take up most of the screen, meaning players cannot do things like edit their line-up until the advert is done. The loading speed does not even seem to affect matters as the adverts are present on a PC running off an SSD.

Sponsorship within the game environment is something you can allow for a sports sim as it adds an element of realism to the game, a full-blown advert for an Oculus Quest is not immersive if anything it takes you out of the moment. In-game advertising is an acceptable part of gaming, but only when the games are free, but when you play full-price at retail then something is very wrong.

2K have done this before with NBA 2K games and received similar levels of blowback. EA attempted a similar trick this year with UFC 4 before quickly reversing the decision.

There is no indication of how this will work on PS5 and Xbox Series X, two systems intended to greatly reduce load times. We have reached 2K for comment.

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