The Walking Dead The Final Season ALL Collectibles Guide

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The Walking Dead The Final Season ALL Collectibles Guide

A new feature in season four of The Walking Dead are the many items littered around the world that Clementine can collect and display in her room. We’ve complied all of these collectibles in one guide to help you get one step closer to the platinum for The Final Season.

Episode One ‘Done Running’

The very first collectible Clementine will stumble across is a skull found in the opening scene of the game. Upon arriving at the abandoned train station head towards the tire swing set then walk around the corner of the building. Set upon some barrels you’ll spot the Deer Skull, interact with it to add it to your collection.

During act one Clementine and AJ will find themselves in a boarding school, once more a part of another struggling group of survivors. Whilst trying to find AJ by following the music ignore the sound of the piano and walk behind the central staircase to find the Plastic Flowers.

Later in act one Clementine and AJ have the chance to freely explore the courtyard before dinner and talk to all the residents of the school. From the center of the courtyard turn right, walking behind the sofa’s Mitch and Willy are sitting on, then take a left and follow the alcove until you find the Real Flowers on a bench.

The fourth collectible is AJ’s Drawing which can be obtained after dinner when Clementine and AJ return to their room. When Violet comes looking for art supplies select the ‘You can keep it if you like’ option to pocket his drawing.

At the start of act two Marlon will ask Clementine to lend a hand with gathering supplies, in order to collect the fifth item, you must pick to go fishing with Violet and Brody. Once inside the fishing shack look to the fireplace and interact with the Cat Skull to add it to your inventory.

The final item is obtained after Clementine returns from the station, they’ll be an option to talk to Tenn. During this conversation he’ll ask if he can draw both Clementine and AJ into his picture, pick the ‘sure draw me in option’ and he’ll gift Clementine the final collectible of episode one, Tenn’s Drawing.

In order to save your souvenirs Clementine needs to place her items in her room at the start of act three. Place the deer skull over the door, the real flowers on the table and the plastic flowers on the shelf over the desk. The cat skull belongs on the empty book self and both drawings go on the wall by the closet.

Episode Two ‘Suffer The Children’

Every collectible in the second episode is found during the greenhouse section of the game in act two so keep your eyes peeled once you get to this area.

Collectible number one is a Boar Skull, which can be found just to the left of the boarded up entrance to the greenhouse, interact with this item to expand Clementine’s strange collection of animal skulls.

Once inside the greenhouse, you’ll be free to explore the room. Examine a nearby flower bed and pick one of the growing Mushrooms there to brighten up your dorm room, Clementine can even pick another Mushroom and taste it which will unlock another trophy.

The third and final item to collect in episode two is the Venus Fly Trap. After you’ve cleared the greenhouse you’ll move through into the science room. Before collecting the key items in this area make sure you examine the Venus fly trap on the shelf.

In act three you’ll be given the chance to place your items in Clementine’s room. The boar skull belongs next to the cat skull on the bookcase with the Mushroom sitting on the shelf below the two skulls. Finally place the Venus flytrap on the table by AJ’s bed to save your items and bag the placed all collectibles trophy.

Episode Three ‘Broken Toys’

Not long after the opening scene of episode three you’ll be sent down into the basement to attend an interrogation. As soon as you enter the basement look to the wall to the left just before the archway, you’ll notice a red triangular flag pinned to the wall. Interact with this item to collect the Ericson Pendant.

Still in the basement in act one, move towards the centerpiece boiler and Rosie who is lying at its base. Before passing the boiler turn to your left and pick up the Sketch Pad nestled between the shelves to add it to your collection.

In act two you’ll be in a clearing spying on an opposing group, before you speak to Clementine’s allies to progress the story, you’ll need to pick up the next two collectibles here. Look for the fallen tree in the clearing behind you to find a Horseshoe on the ground to obtain the third collectible for this episode. Once you’ve picked up the horseshoe walk back towards Willy, just behind him in the thicket lies a Rabbit Foot that Clementine can add to her collectibles. This on can be a little but tricky to find so make sure you slowly traverse this section and keep an eye out for the interaction symbol on the ground.

Later in act two Clementine will meet with James outside a large decaying barn to plan attacks on the opposing group. Before talking to James head to his left towards the large bale of hay on the ground, beside this bale is the fifth collectible for this episode, the Beet-Nik Toy.

After you’ve collected the toy circle back around the barn and head just past AJ inspecting the wooden wall of the barn as you go. Soon you should spot an interaction symbol just above Clementine’s head revealing the location of the Wind Chimes the final collectible for this episode.

Just as in previous episodes you must place all your items in Clementine’s room to save your progress. Put the Ericson pendant on the wall by Clementine’s bed and the sketch toy on the bookshelf beside the mushroom you picked in episode two. The horseshoe needs to be hung on the door and the lucky rabbit foot over AJ’s bed, place the Beet-Nik toy on the desk and then hang the wind chimes from the ceiling fan.

Episode Four ‘Take Us Back’

The first collectible in Take Us Back is James Mask which AJ will find automatically once Clementine and AJ drop down onto the pier from the boat, this however only happens if you spared Lily in the episode prior. If you killed Lily in the previous episode and saved James, AJ will pick up the mask if you make James angry, leaving him to storm off in the caves later in the episode.

The group of survivors make their way into a cave to avoid a swarm of walkers, in this cave you can find the second and third collectibles for the episode. Firstly, head towards AJ while looking to the ground to locate the Calypso Cauliflower Toy, picking up this toy will expand Clementine and AJ’s growing toy collection.

Before you create the torch which you will need to progress into the story head back around to Tenn and from his position follow the cave wall. On the floor just by the log and waterfall you’ll notice an icon on the ground. Interact with it to pick up the Crystal the third collectible of the final episode.

Flash-forward to act three and you’ll be spearfishing as AJ, once AJ finishes fishing, he’ll return the spear to the fishing shack. Before you leave the shack head towards the cooker. On the floor AJ will notice the Human Skull, this is the last item you need to collect which will result in the collect all items for episode four trophy popping up.

Once in Clementine’s room you’ll be able to place your items, hang James' mask on the coat rack by the door, the crystal on the desk and the toy on AJ’s bed. Finally add the human skull to the collection of skulls on the bookshelf, fully completing Clementine’s collection.

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