How to charge your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

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How to charge your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

There's nothing worse than being deep into a game only to discover that your controller batteries have depleted and you're going to have to take an enforced break while they recharge. Better to be prepared and charge your controllers when you're not losing valuable gaming time.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-cons charge when connected to your switch in the Switch dock or you can buy dedicated Switch Joy-con chargers - particularly useful if you have multiple pairs.

How to charge via your Switch

It's dead easy - just ensure your Joy-cons are connected to your Switch and they'll start charging right away from your Switch battery. Of course this will in turn reduce your playtime on the console itself. The way to ensure your Joy-cons AND console are charged to capacity is to pop it into the dock overnight.

While the console is not in use it takes around 3 hours to fully charge the Switch and controllers.

How to charge without your Switch

There are lots of after-market Switch Joy-con chargers - both first and third party. Generally if you have the cash a first party charger is likely to be the best option but they all perform the same job.

The standard Nintendo-licensed, HORI branded charger can charge two pairs of Joy-cons and can be bought from one of these retailers.

Alternatively, if you have a Switch Pro Controller and want to charge that alongside your Joy-cons there is this option which allows you to charge the controller and one pair.

If you do want to continue playing then you can swap out your basic Joy-con grip for one that offers USB charging such as this official Nintendo version...

There are plenty of other options depending on your budget. Check out these Joy-con charging options on Amazon.

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