Who will be the next fighter to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

The latest DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is here and Steve from Minecraft is available to play in-game. It took a long time for Nintendo to announce him and fans are once again speculating who might make an appearance next. Smash speculation has always been a huge opportunity for Nintendo – whether they add fan favourites or surprise picks nobody expected, the announcements almost always create a huge amount of hype.

There are still 4 more characters to come in the second Fighters Pass, meaning the hype train is definitely still going. So while the iron is hot, let’s talk about which characters have a good chance (in my opinion) of filling out the rest of the roster.


With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Nintendo are giving the characters from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild some more time to shine. These two in particular were pretty popular, and the new game could give them a better chance of making it into Smash. We haven’t seen any new Zelda characters in this instalment of Super Smash Bros so far, and with how big the series is it would be surprising not to see some kind of new addition from those games.

Breath of the Wild is the most recent, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see either Mipha or Urbosa make an appearance. I think they’d both have a lot of potential for a fun moveset. Mipha has her water abilities and Urbosa has her lightning powers, and they’d certainly stand out among the rest of the Zelda fighters. The other two champions, Daruk and Revali, probably stand a smaller chance but they’re also an option if Nintendo really wanted to subvert expectations for a new Zelda rep.

Monster Hunter

I was honestly surprised not to see a Monster Hunter character make it into Smash. Rathalos is a boss in the game but there’s no character to go with it. This has always been a strange omission in my opinion, but DLC could easily alleviate this.

Personally I’d love to see a Monster Hunter make it into the roster. Nintendo and Capcom have been pretty friendly with each other and I imagine it’d really help boost sales of the Fighters Pass, so to me this seems like a no-brainer. The character could have a huge variety of weapons in their moveset, various skins/armour and they could even utilise different monsters for their Final Smash. It would also help promote Monster Hunter: Rise for Switch next year, so it makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective for both companies.

Gen 8 Pokemon

Some people might groan at the idea of another Pokemon making it into the roster but I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo to include one from the new generation. Despite how many we already have, Generation 8 has some really cool Pokemon that could make for fun, unique fighters. The obvious choice would be one of the starters, particularly Rillaboom. He might not be the most interesting Pokemon ever but I’d prefer seeing the grass starter over another fire or water type. He could beat people up with his drums and use grass attacks, though some may feel like he’s too similar to Donkey Kong with his bongos.

Another option is Urshifu, the Fighting-type star of the first DLC for Pokemon Sword/Shield. His moves would translate into Smash pretty well but personally I think there are better choices.

One potential choice is Toxtricity. This guy is an Electric/Poison type punk rock Pokemon who attacks with sound, and he transforms into a giant pylon/lizard hybrid for his Gigantamax form. He’s pretty popular among fans and one of the more interesting designs in Gen 8, so he’s my personal pick. A starter Pokemon is probably more likely though.

Phoenix Wright

Here’s one that people have been requesting like crazy. Once again, Nintendo have worked with Capcom many times, so Phoenix Wright has a better chance than most when it comes to third-party characters. He’s been a staple on Nintendo systems for a long time and a lot of people love the Ace Attorney series.

I’m struggling to think of a good moveset for him but if anyone can come up with one, it’s Sakurai and his team. I’m sure they’d capture the spirit of the character/series and I think he’d be a great addition to the Fighters Pass. 

His stage could be a courtroom, and the various characters from his series could make cameo appearances in the background. He’s also pretty iconic in his own right and I think it’d be a smart choice as a pick that satisfies fans and drives sales at the same time.


Geno is one of the most highly-requested characters throughout Smash history. He originated from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and became a fan-favourite overtime, and many players have been hoping for him to make an appearance in Smash for years.

It’s a long-shot, but I think Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the best chance Geno has of making it into the game. The Geno Mii costume from Smash 4 is mysteriously absent from Ultimate (and not many other Mii costumes are). Nintendo have worked with Square Enix before, and we’ve already had a huge fan favourite as DLC in the form of Banjo-Kazooie, which has been one of the most-requested characters since Melee. Things are looking as promising as they ever have for Geno, but it remains to be seen whether Nintendo would add him as a character.


A while ago I would have said this was never going to happen, but Crash might actually have a good chance now that he’s already on Nintendo Switch. He’s well-known, he’s a big third-party character, he’s guaranteed to shift Fighters Pass sales, and he would fit right into the weird amalgamation of styles that Smash Ultimate already has.

Despite all this, I wouldn’t say he’s a super likely pick because he’s not as big among hardcore Nintendo fans but that probably doesn’t exclude him at all. He’s a pretty iconic character and Nintendo loves to include gaming icons. A retro platforming mascot would fit right in alongside Mario, Sonic, Mega Man and more.

Master Chief

I’m just gonna preface this by saying this will never happen. It’s impossible. There’s no way Master Chief will ever be in a Super Smash Bros, it just doesn’t add up. There’s no chance Nintendo or Microsoft would allow this. He’s too big of an Xbox icon and he’s never been on a Nintendo console.

Also, there’s no way Cloud will make it into Smash Bros. He has no relation to Nintendo at all.

There’s no way Steve will make it in either. That would be insane. Just listen to yourself.

Solid Snake?! Don’t be ridiculous.

Oh. Wait a minute.

What’s that?!

“Master Chief finishes the fight!”

This is my dream character. It used to be Banjo, but now there’s only one choice that could top that. Master Chief in Smash would be one of the most unbelievable gaming crossovers in history. He’d be the perfect final character to leave everyone absolutely floored by his inclusion and generate immense hype. He has an insane amount of moveset potential too – energy swords, plasma grenades, assault rifles, and even his new grappling hook from Halo Infinite. It’s incredibly unlikely, but Smash always manages to find a way to outdo itself with third-party characters, and Master Chief is probably the biggest gaming icon absent from the roster.

And there you have it – my picks for potential Smash DLC characters. Your most-wanted character might not have been mentioned, but I think these characters (for the most part) have a solid shot at making it in. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on social media and let’s keep the Smash DLC hype train rolling.

Dani Cross

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

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