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It’s that time of the year again… that time when the great masters of classical music are well-represented in Classic FM’s Hall of Fame 2016. Beethoven, Mozart, Holst… there’s a good range in tastes and styles. Film scores make the cut as well, the chart often featuring John Williams extensive repertoire and Shore’s beloved score to The Lord of the Rings. In recent years music from video games has gained more and more traction and it would be fantastic to see it triumph again this year - the Hall of Fame entries tend to get more airplay throughout the year so if you want to see more game music on the station, now’s the time to make your voice heard! Voting closes March 13th so time is of the essence.

We asked some of our writers what they selected as their entries this year. Take inspiration, maybe think over what you’ll vote for and, most importantly, click this link to vote!

James Marshall, Game Music Obsessive

Shenmue (Toshiyuki Watanabe, Ryuji Iuchi, Tadahiro Nitta, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Tsuyoshi Yanagawa)

It's a fantastic soundtrack that nobody seems to have heard or remember. Yeah, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts may be ever-popular but, with Shenmue III announced, why not let it shine on national radio too?

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (Jessica Curry)

The best soundtrack of 2016 by far and one I've had on repeat since it was released. Jessica Curry has created something beautiful, delicate and profoundly moving - the choral pieces are explicitly tied to characters in the game as well. All round incredible.

Shadow of the Colossus (Kow Otani)

Who would have thought a PS2 game would have such a lasting, emotional score? Gentle, thought-provoking and strangely mythical, Kow Otani's work is strengthened by rarity being a Team ICO game. We haven't heard anything like it since and can only hope The Last Guardian continues the musical pedigree.

Steve McCullough, Irish Wastrel

Battlestar Galactica (Bear McCreary)

In the years since, Bear has gone on to produce many notable TV and film scores, but his career-boosting work on the BSG reboot has to be some of the best in recent memory. Packed with readily identifiable leitmotifs weaving into one another, from gentle Celtic flute to thundering taiko drums and culminating in a haunting piano line which somehow leads into an amazing Persian-style cover of 'All Along The Watchtower' that no-one saw coming, this collection of work rightly marks Bear out as one of the eminent composers of this generation.

To The Moon (Kan Gao)

Once you catch the plaintive, innocent melody of 'For River' sketched out on the piano in the dusty old house on the hill, this game has its emotional hooks in you. In addition to several inventive reworkings of this theme, the score by Kan Gao (who also wrote & programmed the game) provides some wonderfully playful incidentals and homages to classic JRPG fare and tops it with a heart-shattering ballad featuring Laura Shigihara. Just the opening chords can break the strongest of men.

Batman: Arkham City (Nick Arundel)

Blending synth pulses with urgent brass and triumphant gothic strings, this exciting yet elegaic collection of pieces scoring the Dark Knight as he sets the titular fenced-off district of thugs and crazies to rights is absolutely essential to every moment of this game, from combing the area for clues to a crime to soaring high over the dank neon-lit streets below. I'd regularly leave the main theme on loop on the title screen for minutes before pressing start.

Luciano Howard, Proteus’ Number One Fan

The Last of Us (Gustavo Santaolalla)

Such a wonderful soundtrack that mirrors perfectly the game, and its mood, throughout. Good enough to be album of the year regardless where it came from, it encapsulates the loneliness, terror and discovery abundant in the game

Super Mario series (Koji Kondo)

From day one the music here has been fabulous, but think of recent entries where the pace and tone and rhythm have varied dependent on the pace and rhythm of the player, plus the varied and focused tracks. Wonderful, all-day hummable and downright fun.

Dark Souls (Motoi Sakuraba)

Firelink Shrine. Such soothing melodies. I love that track, I love that place. It's my happy place really, probably because everywhere else in this godforsaken world is out to get me.

You’ve read our recommendations - now it’s your turn to vote! Head to this link to vote and be sure to let us know what you chose in the comments below.

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