Video Preview: Dying Light Bad Blood

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The Battle Royale genre has been more or less perpetually on fire since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hit early access back in March last year. While PUBG was king of the hill for a long time it was also largely unchallenged and as such it was hard to say if it was the game or the genre that was drawing interest. The next big hunger game Fortnite has recently captured the flag and is finding an incredible amount of success, even reaching into the minds of those who don't normally notice gaming thanks to the Drake and Ninja stream.

While the genre is clearly popular any other developers looking to get in on the action will need to do something that stands out or they will never make it. Knowing this developer Techland is putting a whole new spin on things with the addition of Dying Light Bad Blood.  Set in the same zombie infested world as the main game Bad Blood sees six players fighting it out to escape the city alive. This means not only do you have to deal with the threat of the zombie menace, you have to watch your back for thrown knives and grenades as other players try to finish you off too. Why though, why must we fight when together we are stronger? Well, unfortunately there is only one seat on the rescue helicopter so you had better make sure you are the one climbing on board or you will be left as food for the infection.

To get the chopper to come to come to rescue you you'll have to make it worth their while, you can do this by collecting blood samples from the enemies you kill. As you collect more and more samples you will level up, increasing your health and your damage, and eventually you and everyone else will be told about the helicopter coming to save you. You can only get on if you have enough samples and you remain unchallenged in the landing zone, if you don't have enough you can always kill a player and take their samples as your own. The amount of blood samples needed is surprisingly low and as a result the matches are incredibly fast paced and you are encouraged not to waste time in getting the things you need to survive.

Upon initially spawning in the map you have nothing but the clothes on your back, as such the first thing every player has to do is find something to hit the zombies with. There are a large array of weapons available from melee to ranged weapons and even mods to find to make that legendary machete even stronger.  Getting lucky and finding a fantastic weapon is one aspect of your scavenging, the other is picking up consumables like medkits and landmines to really give you that edge in combat against the monstrous unique zombies and the players who hunt them.

The gameplay is everything that made Dying Light such an exhilarating game and it fits perfectly in this new PVP mode. The movement is still absolutely incredible to use, vaulting through windows while chasing other players or scaling the side of buildings to escape the zombies is as wonderful as it has ever been. The combat is still just as good too, with the weapons you find being randomised it is impossible to plan ahead too much but it makes the looting all the more important. Overall it is an absolute blast to play and the sooner it comes out the better because this will eat up a lot of peoples time. Sure it isn't the one hundred player free-for-all that is to be expected of the battle royale genre but it is definitely a refreshing take on this style of game that could revitalise more personal PvP modes. In fact for a more in your face look at how the game is, you can check out the video above.

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