Retro Revisit: Zone of the Enders

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Back in the days of PS2 we still had demo disks, sometimes these would be bundled with lesser-known games in order to help boost sales. Zone of the Enders came with a MGS2 demo disc that I never touched because tearing away from the game was damn near impossible. Set in a future where humanity has managed to colonise other planets, the story dives into what happens when those outside of Earth are treated as outcasts and some of the tensions that arise because of that.

Retro Revisit: Zone of the Enders

Lasers and giant enemies, what more could you want?

An incredible mech-based action game that had some of the most fluid and wonderful movements around, allowing you to seamlessly navigate the skies as you fought other mechs and various drones in order to survive. The game was insanely stylish, with some incredibly powerful special attacks unlocked as you progressed through the story. Once you throw in some crazy boss fights and what were, at the time, amazing graphics, you had something truly special that stood head and shoulders above anything similar at the time due to the pacing.

You get to thwart an evil plot, save lots of civilians, and just generally be a complete badass throughout the game and you felt it every second you were playing. Sadly, the game hasn't had too much action since, although a VR game is coming soon which will hopefully reignite interest in this game. Did I mention that it was created by none other than Hideo Kojima, because it was, and it shines through as in all of his games. Nowadays, it would be great to see a company like Platinum pick the series up to give it the modern update it deserves.


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