Resident Evil 6 Signature Series Guide

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Fans of the Resident Evil franchise have had a rough ride of late, ill conceived spin offs, flagging sales and all round general bad press has led people to start to question everything, pointing the finger firmly at the Capcom team. For the sake of this review we shall ignore the game itself for a moment and focus purely on the new shiny Brady Games guide that has been launched to coincide with the game’s release.The much loved Resident Evil 5 guide helped many a gamer get through the more action orientated adventure and was produced by Piggyback Interactive, this time Brady Games take the mantle to provide accurate guidance for what is a huge game. So huge in fact that this guide is of table banging weight, packed full of everything you could realistically want from a game guide.The guide begins with some key character information, detailing the characters you can play all the while introducing you to the game’s various system’s which you will encounter as you progress. As someone new to the franchise this is an excellent starting point allowing you to familiarise yourself with the core mechanics as well as the main protagonists and their involvement in the over arching story. This section also contains some simple strategies which again will help newcomers to the franchise, however if you have played Resi 4 or 5 then this can be skipped without compromising your first play through.The bulk of the guide and arguably the primary reason for buying any guide, is the detailed campaign walk through contained within. In the case of Resident Evil 6 this part of the guide is as huge as it is essential. With four long campaigns to progress through, while controlling multiple characters this section of the guide proves invaluable. It is difficult to know from the off which campaign to go with first as you have access to three (the fourth unlocks upon completion of the others) but the guide has your back on this, suggesting that you tackle them in the following order; Jake, Chris then Leon.Each walk through is presented in a consistent, detailed fashion – wireframe maps are present highlighting where to collect those precious herbs, ammo and the collectable emblems. The core walk throughs themselves really just serve to offer assistance through every section of the game – they can be read word for word or simply called upon when the going gets too tough for you – the latter being the most obvious choice and everything is presented using large colourful graphics which really helps you get a sense for what is lurking around the next corner. Each chapter is bookended with a summary detailing just how to obtain the best ranks and key tips on where to allocate those precious skill points. It is though a tad disappointing to not have pointers presented throughout each level guide detailing what you need to do in that exact moment to obtain that elusive S rank.The appendices are large and cover just about everything you can think of which is contained within the game within neatly arranged tables. Emblems, achievements, dog tags and titles are all listed with plenty of detail for each. Amongst the plethora of others topics covered in the guide are: – Creatures which you can take control of in Agent Hunt Mode, as well as a full breakdown of the stages and goals found within – A full Mercenaries breakdown, the guide even going so far as to suggest optimal character loadouts along with many many hints and tips – Skills that can be acquired throughout the package – Items that can be collected – Extensive detail on every weapon found within the game, along with details of which work best on which type of enemy – Even an achievement/trophy breakdown for those that love them…the list goes on.If you love the franchise and despite some of the bad press surrounding Resident Evil 6 you have formed your own opinion and love the game, you cannot go far wrong with picking up this signature series guide. Packed from start to finish with huge detail, it will help you through this massive game as much or as little as you want.

Andrew Phillips

Updated: Oct 30, 2012

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