PSVR Monthly - September

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PSVR Monthly - September

Welcome fellow PSVR enthusiasts, it's that time again, another splurge of PlayStation virtual reality news, reviews and previews. With all the PlayStation 5 hoo-hah, PSVR is currently taking a quieter, more considered seat in the back of the room. We are still here though, don't you forget it!

We have had some decent news stories and I have reviewed a PSVR banger this month so not all is lost. Minecraft has had a PSVR update, No Mans Sky has had another update, what a turn around that game has had. We have had another patent leak for some new PSVR controllers, which is always exciting. Let's dive in.


Once again, this month, we have had a patent leak possibly showing new PSVR controllers. These controllers look like a massive step up from the Move controllers we have now been using for far too long. They show analog sticks, finger tracking and look a lot like Valve Index controllers, which is not a bad thing at all.

The PS Move controllers have been in use now for 10 years and when the PlayStation 5 releases will have been in use for 3, yes 3, PlayStation console generations. We have used these controllers for far too long now and the new PSVR headset, when it releases, has to have new motion controllers to go with it.

While it is not strictly a PSVR news item, No Mans Sky has had another update. The VR stuff in No Mans Sky is superb so I like to include the updates in these monthly features. No Mans Sky 'Origins' is now live and includes a lot of new stuff to get your space explorative hands on. Head over to the No Mans Sky website for a full list of new features. I was going to add them here but it is a vast update and would take up half the feature.

No Mans Sky is becoming an amazing experience both in VR and non VR.

Like Minecraft? Have a PSVR headset? Do you want to smash trees with your bare hands in VR? Well, today is your lucky day. Minecraft is now fully playable in PSVR thanks to a new update. I have not yet had a chance to give this a try but I know both of my boys have had a quick blast and really liked it. Let's be honest, this is something most Minecraft fans have been itching for. Building and creating in VR Minecraft? What a time to be alive.

Sniper Elite VR has had a new gameplay trailer drop, have a gander below to see the pew-pew goodness for yourselves. It certainly looks fun, immersive and hopefully, we can get a review up here for you when the time arrives. We also had new trailers for Alvo, the online shooter and OhShape! which is, well, I will let you make up your own mind. Trailers for both added below for your perusal.

Guess what other PSVR game that never stops giving is getting fresh content? Yep, you guessed it, Beat Saber is getting some fresh new grooving tracks in October. We are not only getting a music pack from BTS, which my kids will be overjoyed about, but we will also be getting multiplayer. Beat Saber is amazing and the support from the developers has been nothing short of astounding. It seems we have new stuff to talk about every month where Beat Saber is concerned.

Star Wars: Squadrons is not too far away and EA has released a CGI prequel to go with the game. The game is playable on PSVR so give this short video a watch to get you hyped for the game. I took part in the beta for Squadrons and came away enjoying it more then I thought I would. Who knows, this game may be a PSVR hit.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

We did have a review for you this month, I reviewed the highly anticipated Budget Cuts and completely loved it. You can read the full review here. I said:

Budget Cuts looks great, plays amazingly, is well designed and a lot of fun. Barring too much time spent in load screens, I loved every second of it. It gives you the various tools you need to succeed but leaves you free to explore and work your way through the game how you wish. If you have a PSVR headset then give it a go, it's a brilliant game.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

OhShape! - September 24th. PSVR fitness games can help people get in shape. Things like Beat Saber and Box VR turn exercise into a fun game and they can be a lot of fun. Hopefully, OhShape! will continue this PSVR fitness boom.

Star Wars: Squadrons - October 2nd. What more needs to be said? It’s Star Wars, it’s virtual reality. I, for one, cannot wait to jump into an X-Wing and kick some ass. The PSVR headset is perfectly suited for space dogfights. Pew-pew!

Twilight Path - October, Unknown. I had not heard about this one until I read it for this feature. Trailer included below. It looks like a puzzle adventure, filled with mystery and magic. Good times.

Well, once again folks that is it for another month of PSVR Monthly. Tune in the same time next month for more virtual goodies and shenanigans. Stay safe people.

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