PSVR Monthly - October

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PSVR Monthly - October

Can you smell it? That sweet, sweet smell of next-gen is on the horizon and what that means for PSVR is yet unknown. We know another headset is in development with new controllers and hopefully, all the bells and whistles of newer VR headsets. We know the current headset works on PlayStation 5 though, so that is a good thing.

It has been a quiet month for PSVR news due to the impending PS5 tidal wave of information and previews but we have had some tidbits to report on. Let's get stuck in then, shall we?

The PlayStation 5 is dominating news feeds at the moment.


Firstly, one of the big releases for PSVR this month was Star Wars Squadrons. While it may not be a true PSVR title, the game is completely playable on the PSVR headset. We have included some footage below for your perusal. It is definitely on my 'to play' list and hopefully, I will get to play the VR mode sooner rather than later. Credit to YouTube user FrenchyToastie for the footage.

On the topic of PS5, it has been revealed, while the PS5 will support backwards compatibility of nearly every single PS4 game. Two of the unsupported titles are PSVR games. Both Robinson: The Journey and DWVR will both not be compatible. However, the developers of DWVR have come out on Reddit and said that they are working on a patch may be able to rectify this issue. We can only hope.

We know that the new PlayStation 5 camera will not support your PSVR headset. You will have to use your current camera, which Sony will be supplying an adapter for free of charge. Newer PSVR bundles in Japan have already started packing in the new adapter so surely an announcement from Sony about how to procure one of these adapters cannot be far off.

Japan are now getting the PlayStation camera adapter bundled in with new PSVR headsets.

It seems we cannot have a PSVR Monthly without talking about everyone's favourite music based chop-a-thon, Beat Saber. Unfortunately, the much sought after multiplayer update has suffered a bit of a delay on PSVR. With everything that has been churned out for the game though I think the developers deserve a bit of lee-way. I am sure it will arrive sooner rather than later, be worth the wait and a lot of fun.

There have been smaller rumours about Microsoft joining the VR game space too, files have been found in Microsoft's Flight simulator referring to VR support which is good news for everyone in my opinion. More games will be made and more competition only leads to better experiences for all. I am a massive fan of VR and the more the merrier in my view.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

We had a review for Star Wars Squadrons this month. You can read it here. While Andrew has not played the VR section, the game seemed tailored to a VR experience and I have heard from multiple sources that VR is the way to play the game. Andrew said:

While Star Wars: Squadrons cannot touch the depth or importance of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, this is easily the best Star Wars space sim since that game-changing classic, and the best Star Wars game of the Disney era.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

I cannot find any games releasing within the next month, however, nearly all of your games will be playable on PS5 and hopefully some will have some boost to their performance or visuals. There will also be a few little game released that are not known yet, there always is.

Well, a light month on the PSVR front this time but I will hopefully see you again next month. I predict another quiet one though due to all the next gen releases and news. See you soon, stay safe people.

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