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Here we are again for your monthly round-up of news, reviews and previews for PlayStations virtual reality headset. I imagine many people are buying PSVR sets at the moment with various Black Friday deals happening and people buying Christmas presents for their loved ones. There will be some really happy people at this time of year diving into VR for the very first time. Along with everything we normally have, I have done a lot of reviews for The Digital Fix this month so they will be linked in further down the article.


I will start with something I don’t normally include in this feature but may do going forward, its the top 10 selling PSVR games for last month. There are no real surprises, Beat Saber always sells well and most of the others are games that have been on offer or games that are always popular on the platform. The top 10 is as follows:

  • 1 Beat Saber
  • 3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
  • 4 Five Nights at Freddy’s VR
  • 5 Job Simulator
  • 6 Creed: Rise to Glory
  • 7 Borderlands 2 VR
  • 8 Firewall Zero Hour
  • 9 Blood & Truth
  • 10 PlayStation VR Worlds

We have also had another music pack released for Beat Saber this month, the game just goes from strength to strength and that’s one of the reasons it’s the number best selling PSVR game last month. The tracks included are:

  • Tokyo Machine – ‘PLAY’
  • Stephen Walking – ‘Glide’
  • Slushii – ‘LUV U NEED U’
  • Tokyo Machine – ‘ROCK IT’
  • Dion Timmer – ‘Shiawase’ Slushii & Dion Timmer – ‘Test Me’

There were a few releases this month that were missed in last months update due to them being stealth releases or just not mentioned anywhere until close to release. The First is Kitten’d, a strange-looking cat game with upgradeable toys and general feline caring shenanigans. Not sure whether I am glad I did not review this or not, make your own mind up from the trailer below.

VR Cats, slightly weird.

Contagion VR also released in November and while it did not review well, it may be worth a look at some point, who doesn’t like zombies? Last Labyrinth VR also saw a release last month and while there are not many reviews out there, the ones I found were not favourable. There is probably a reason these titles were hot heavily advertised this month. Also released this month was a musical exploration VR adventure called Deemo Reborn and an espionage thriller released in the shape of Espire:1 VR.

Thanks to Immersive VR Education we will soon be able to take control of a Space Shuttle in virtual reality in Shuttle Commander. Take part in Hubble Space Station missions first hand, all accurately recreated in virtual reality.

Its space, Jim, but not as we know it.

Some strange news for the future of PSVR and PlayStation 5 was released this month too. A Dual Shock 5 patent was discovered and among other things, seems to include no light bar for PSVR tracking. What this means for the future of PSVR is uncertain but with PlayStation confirming compatibility between the current-gen PSVR and the PlayStation 5, I would assume it’s not too much to worry about. Also, as we all know, not all patents come to fruition.

The Dual Shock 5 patent does not seem to show a camera tracking lightbar.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

We had a lot of PSVR reviews last month here on the Digital Fix and I did all of them. I will include each one below, with a link to it and a little snippet of each review for your perusal.

First up is The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, a fun little VR game that ended too soon in my opinion. Apart from that, it was superb.

The only thing that marred this fun VR romp, in my opinion, is the length of the game. I would have liked a few more levels to explore and more animals to find. What is there though is well made, beautiful and fun to play. At the end of the day, that is what is important, I had a great time playing it and so did my family.

It’s all so cute and cuddly.

Next up is VR Ping Pong Pro, a good follow up to the non-pro version of the game released previously. While I enjoyed this title, I did feel the controls and physics were slightly off for a ping pong game. I understand that there has been a new patch released recently so I am eager to jump back in and give it another go. I said:

Even with its weird physics and slight controller issues, VR Ping Pong Pro can be entertaining. You just need to get used to the handling and eventually it will feel natural and be fun to play. Unfortunately, the initial issues may put some players off.

Ping pong really suits VR.

Lastly, we have Golem, a game I have looked forward to for a very long time. It was so close to being great but slightly faulted on movement controls and Move controller tracking during combat. Here is a snippet from my review:

I really feel that Golem is a short jump away from being one of PSVR’s best titles. If the movement controls were more intuitive and the tracking of the Move controller in battle was more accurate it would be an amazing game. I loved the gameplay loop and the combat is superb when it functions correctly. I really enjoyed Golem most of the time but I feel some people will get annoyed with it too easily, even I did at times.

Golem, so close but not close enough.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Stardust Odyssey – December the 3rd. A single-player or co-op space adventure where you must upgrade your ship, find hidden ethers and tackle epic bosses.

Stardust Odyssey certainly looks interesting.

Well, that is about it for this month, December is always quiet for game releases and this year seems to be different. Never fear though, we will be back next month to keep you up to date with what is happening on PlayStations virtual reality headset.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Dec 02, 2019

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