PSVR Monthly - May

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PSVR Monthly - May

Well here we are, another month, another PSVR update. Firstly, the biggest news this month, in my opinion, is the fact that the current PSVR headsets will be supported on the new PlayStation 5. I think there is a new PSVR model on the horizon but it's nice to see that the current models will not be forgotten about.

We had a new interesting game announced this month. Paper Beast, from Eric Chahi, will launch this year at some point and certainly looks appealing. The games takes place in an unusual sci-fi world with no dialogue present whatsoever. You will come across a wide variety of wildlife and the papercraft world comes to life as you explore it. The details on this quirky title are very thin but we have attached a trailer below for your perusal.

Another great announcement we had this month is that UK Studio Maze Theory is working on a PSVR title based on the popular TV series Peaky Blinders. Not much has been revealed but stay tuned to PSVR Monthly for updates.

An early image of Peaky Blinder's

Also announced this month, Arizona Sunshine is getting some fresh content in the form of a DLC pack called 'The Damned'.  This new content will apparently include the largest mission in the game to date and will include a brand new protagonist. The task is deadly simple, all you and your team of US Special Forces need to do is reactivate the generators of a massive Arizonan hydroelectric dam to restore power to the military’s nuclear missile systems.

New Arizona Sunshine DLC

We did get some sad news this month too, Sairento, the unique and promising PSVR title has been delayed. The developers stated they wanted more time to deliver a title that was exceptional. I like to end on a good not though, so do you want to see Captain Marvel, aka Brie Larson playing Beat Saber, of course you do.

Last Months Reviewed Games

We reviewed a few PSVR games last month. We had some real crackers too and I reviewed one of the best VR experiences I have ever played. Ghost Giant was a real masterpiece and should be played by everyone who has a PSVR headset.

Here is a link our Ghost Giant review. As you can see from the image below, it reviewed extremely well.

Ghost Giant got some great reviews, including ours

We also reviewed Falcon Age, which while not being as good as Ghost Giant is still well worth your time. You can read our review for the adorable Falcon Age here. I really got attached to the little feathered fellow.

I loved this little bird

May PSVR Confirmed Releases

It looks like another stellar month for PSVR, with Everybody's Golf VR and the incredible looking Blood and Truth. Throw in a bit of madness with Trover saves the Universe and we have a good selection of titles to get our little mitts on.

Observation - 21/05

Observation is a sci-fi thriller uncovering what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher. You play the role of S.A.M. and must use the cameras, controls systems and tools to assist Emma and work out what has happened.

Everybody's Golf - 21/05

Everybody's favourite gold game is back, this time though it's in VR and using either the Dual Shock 4 or Move controller you must hit the fairways, and smash your way to birdie.

Killing Floor: Double Feature - 21/05

Killing Floor: Double Feature is a combination of both Killing Floor for the PS4 and Killing Floor Incursion for PSVR. For one price you get access to the 2 bloodiest chapters from the killing floor franchise.

Blood and Truth - 28/05

After a successful debut in PlayStation VR Worlds, The Heist finally becomes a fully fledged game in the form of Blood and Truth. The Heist was one of the best parts of PlayStation VR worlds, so I for one, cannot wait.

Trover Saves the Universe - 31/05

From some of the most insane minds on the planet comes Trover Saves the Universe. From the same people that brought you the insane Accounting+, only you and Trover can save the universe in this bizarre comedy adventure.

Well, that's about it folks, another good month of games to try and it follows on from a very well received month of PSVR games. PSVR is currently going from strength to strength and long may it continue. Tune in next month for your PSVR monthly roundup.

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