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Welcome to PSVR Monthly, here we will trawl through the months PSVR news, previews and The Digital Fix reviews. We have had a massive month with PSVR reviews and it seems that most of my gaming time has been spent inside PlayStation’s virtual reality headset. We have had loads of releases and loads of news so let’s get stuck into it.


First on the agenda is a great video that has surfaced about a prototype for PlayStation VR’s next-gen VR controllers. We all know that the Move VR controllers are a bit dated now and are showing their age. Hopefully, this video is a sign of PlayStation updating them in the not too distant future. The credit goes to UploadVR for the youtube video.

Another amazing piece of new is that Vader: Immortal has been confirmed for release on PSVR this summer. I don’t know about you but I am really excited about this one. The game looks stunning, it released on PCVR with really good reviews and who doesn’t like Star Wars or Darth Vader?

This month it was announced that SinnStudio will be releasing a story-driven, medieval combat game this summer on PSVR. Its is called Swordsman VR and as the alpha gameplay teaser shows below, it certainly looks like it could end up being a great medieval immersive combat simulator. Video credit goes to VRFocus.

Swordsman VR looks good in this alpha gameplay.

We had a surprising amount of PSVR releases this month, a lot of them stealth drops and a lot of them I have reviewed personally. We have been treated to a massive amount of quality VR releases recently and I will go over what I thought of them below in the review section.

Firstly The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners dropped with little warning and it was a great game to play. The physics-based blood-a-thon GORN was also released and that is a game like no other on the platform. Spuds Unearthed was released without any fanfare and Pixel Ripped 1995 dropped into my inbox and that game I truly loved. I have played a lot of VR this month, ranging from the OK to the brilliant and I loved it. Long live VR!

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. A brilliant addition to the PSVR library of games and experiences.

Unfortunately, Budget Cuts, one of my most anticipated PSVR games has been pushed back to July the 10th. The developer states it will be the most stable and content-rich version of the game and I am always up for that. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, which I heavily agree with, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

A trailer has dropped for Alvo, a first-person online shooter from Mardonpol Inc. I loved Firewall Zero hour and more first-person shooters on PSVR is not a bad thing in the slightest. Feast your eyes on the trailer below for a bit of tantalising development footage.

Alvo, hopefully, another first-person shooter hit on PSVR.

We have had a few good bits of news about Iron Man VR this month too, anyone who follows this feature knows my thoughts on the game after I played it last year. It’s brilliant. The game has now been confirmed for July the 3rd and not only that but a demo is available to download from the PlayStation store now. I have completed it twice this weekend and loved every second of it.

As part of Sony’s Days of Play event, there will be a few deals on PSVR goodies if you are in the market for a headset. You will be able to get a PS VR Starter Pack for £199.99/€199.99 and a PS VR Mega Pack for £229.99/€229.99. With all the games and sales on at the minute, there has never been a better time to get into PlayStation VR.

Sony’s Days of Play, there will be plenty of deals to be had.

Finally, with the Dreams VR support update on the horizon, Media Molecule is looking for gamers to test the update ahead of its release. Its paid testing work and you can sign up here. Be fast though, the date draws near and I am sure the sign-ups will close soon. It’s a great opportunity if you can get in. I cannot wait for the VR content update.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

As I said earlier I have reviewed no less than five PSVR games this month, they are listed below with links to their individual reviews. I have played a plethora of game genres and some of them are among my favourite games on the platform. There are some superb virtual experiences to be had in the games below.

Firstly I reviewed Spuds Unearthed. I had the following to say about this potato-based VR title:

Spuds Unleashed was not a bad game, in fact, I grew to somewhat enjoy it. I just feel it took too long to get to grips with the controls and the aiming was sometimes too inaccurate to be enjoyable. If you persevere you can get over this issue, I just feel most people will be put off well before then.

Secondly, I reviewed Down the Rabbit Hole, an immersive, story-driven delve into the mind of Lewis Carrol. I enjoyed it greatly and had this to say:

Down the Rabbit Hole was a great surprise, it is short but very, very sweet. It controls beautifully, its incredibly well designed and everything just works very well. This is very important in VR games and this title suits VR perfectly. Its bright, colourful and not too taxing. So why don’t you take a little glimpse into a land of uncanny fantasy? You will not regret it.

After that, I played Pixel Ripped 1995 and found it to be one of the most unique VR experiences I have played. Here is what I thought:

Pixel Ripped 1995 is chock full of clever ideas, mind-bending scenarios and very well designed gameplay sections. What goes along with that is a very well thought out VR implementation, a great control scheme and easy to understand, fun, familiar gameplay. I loved playing this quirky title, its like nothing else I have played before and I adored it.

After that I reviewed The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners, I have never watched The Walking Dead but the VR video game was superb. One of the best VR games I have played to date. I had the following to say:

It’s rarely I can say this, but for me The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners had dragged the VR platform forward. With its perfect VR implementation, its brilliant control scheme and its visceral combat, it a pure joy to play. A nasty, gruesome edge of the seat joy but a joy nonetheless. Brilliant.

Lastly, I played GORN over the last few days and it is a laugh a minute gore-fest. A real stress-reliever. Here are some of my thoughts:

GORN may not be the longest, most refined game in the world but it certainly has a place in everyone’s PSVR collection. Its a place to unwind, a place to have fun and its bloody brilliant. With its wonky physics and bits of enemies flying everywhere it is great laugh and fun throughout.

Wow, I have been busy this month. That’s a lot of PSVR reviews to do in one month.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Hotel R’n’R – May 28th. As you can see from the trailer below, this game looks mental. Its looks to be in the same vein as Job Simulator or Vacation simulator with sandbox setpieces for you to complete and mess about in and destroy. It certainly looks fun. Count me in for some R’n’R.

I am sure there will be more PSVR releases next month, as was the case last month. Hopefully, we will get to review them here on The Digital Fix. Well, as they say in the business, that’s all folks. See you next month for another slice of PSVR goodness. Stay safe people, keep your social distance and make sure you play loads of video games, maybe even a few VR titles.

Seb Hawden

Updated: May 25, 2020

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