PSVR Monthly - March

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PSVR Monthly - March

Welcome once again my virtual reality aficionados, join me for another month of PSVR new, reviews and other tidbits. I personally reviewed two very different but fun VR games this month and we will have the usual raft of virtual reality goodies to feast your eyes on.

We did have a PlayStation 5 deep dive this month but unfortunately, there were zero hints or any news whatsoever about a long-rumoured update to PlayStations virtual reality headset. So we will all have to wait a bit longer for news on that front.

We have been on so many adventures with this amazing headset, when will we get news about an updated version?


First things first, a rumoured VR remake of Panzer Dragoon is in development but no official word from anyone yet or any mention of what platforms it will be released on. Fingers crossed though eh?

Yet another music pack has come to Beat Saber on PSVR. Seriously, when is this game going to stop, it's still one of the most played VR games in my house. The Timbaland music pack features 5 tracks from well-known artists and is available now. The trailer is below for you to ingest with your eyes.

While we are on the subject of Beat Saber, the fabulous music slasher has passed two massive milestones this month. 2 million copies of the game have been sold and well as 10 million downloadable songs have been sold. Its awesome news and shows that VR is doing well. Well done Beast Saber, well done.

We were given a release date for the upcoming, fantastic looking Budget Cuts. The title will be available on May the 15th and hopefully, we will get a review for you here on The Digital Fix. I certainly cannot wait for that one, I also anticipate that we will get the sequel on PSVR too. Both games look like great fun.

I cannot wait for Budget Cuts.

Mini Moto Racing X has had a massive PSVR update. Giving players a first-person view along with other improvements and updates. It's a game I have not tried so it may be worth me giving it a shot now. It is always nice to see improvements and updates to existing games though.

This month also included the release of some new PSVR games I did not mention last month. We had a shadow drop of Tilt Brush on March the 27th of March, the beloved virtual Bob Ross simulator is now available on PSVR. Secondly, we had A-Tech Cybernetic, which is a first-person shooter and it looks stunning and I may have to have a blast on that at some point.

A-Tech Cybernetic looks awesome.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

Last month we had a few PSVR reviews, both done by yours truly. I reviewed both Covert and Paper Beast and while they were both very different, they both offered something new and fun for the platform.

Firstly, Covert, a multiplayer co-op Spy title that really makes players work together. I really enjoyed what it offered and it is certainly like nothing else on the medium. I said this in my review -

A lot of co-op games these days are not 'truly' co-op but two solo players playing together, this is not one of those games. Even though it is short and not very difficult, Covert truly excels at being a co-op adventure like no other on the medium. It is a game where both players depend on each other heavily and things cannot be accomplished alone. It will only last you a few hours but they will be entertaining. I can see a lot of VR fans loving the game and what it achieves, we certainly did.

Covert was great fun with a partner.

After that, I reviewed Paper Beast and boy was that something. So unique, fun, surreal and breathtakingly beautiful. I had this to say about the unique PSVR title -

Paper Beast blew me away. It was not what I was expecting at all and it challenged me, not too much but just enough to get my brain working. Its beautiful, it sounds amazing and its a game like no other on PlayStation VR. If you want to play something a bit different, just go and buy it. It will not be everyone's cup of tea but I can see a lot of people really enjoying it. I did.

Paper Beast was ethereal and brilliant.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Good Goliath - March the 31st. An interesting game that I have a review code for and will be my next review for The Digital Fix. It looks hilarious fun, stay tuned to The Digital Fix website for a review of this one.

Final Assault - March the 31st. This game looks like a fun real-time strategy title, which there are not many of on PSVR. It looks fun and I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

I am sure, as is the case every month, that more PSVR games will be released in the next month but a lot of games seem to 'shadow drop' on PSVR for some reason.

Well its been fun, see you next month for another splurge of PSVR goodness. Stay safe people.

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