PSVR Monthly - June

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PSVR Monthly - June

Welcome back to PSVR Monthly, we have certainly had another good month in the world of PlayStation's ever-growing VR platform. We have had new game announcements, some very well reviewed games and even the first number one in the video game charts. Does this mean VR is mainstream now? Also, we have had loads of announcements at E3, where for the first time, virtual reality had its own show. Stay tuned for the month's news, reviews and previews.


Firstly, let's start with the news that Blood and Truth, the over the top action game from SIE London Studio reached the top of the charts for physical media in the UK. This is a massive win for both VR and PlayStation. I have played the game a lot and it fully deserves the success it's getting.

Blood and Truth was amazing, a real PSVR showcase

While we are on the subject of Blood and Truth, it was announced this month that the highly rated PSVR exclusive will receive some free content post-launch. This will come in the shape of online leaderboards, new time attack and score challenges, New Game+ and an additional Hard Mode. Any free stuff is good stuff, right?

The Next music pack for the ever popular slash 'em up Beat Sabre also released this month. The Imagine Dragons music pack was released on June the 10th and is priced very fairly, as was the previous music pack. Any content for Beat Sabre is good news, I still play now and again and it's a good game to show off PSVR to friends who don't often play.

New Beat Sabre tracks to slash through

Another massive and frankly fantastic announcement was that Sniper Elite is coming to our beloved VR headset. I can only imagine how good some of those headshots will be in virtual reality. As always we will have more news closer to release but I have included the trailer below for you to feast on.

After being delayed last month, Sairento finally has its launch date. The cyber ninja shoot and slice title will launch on PlayStation VR in European regions on disc and download on 5th July. I certainly can't wait to try this title and will hopefully review it for The Digital Fix.

E3 News

There were so many E3 announcements for PSVR that we should give it its own section. There were a lot of new titles shown and a some titles that were previously PC VR only being released on PSVR. As I mentioned earlier too, there was, for the first time, a dedicated VR showcase at this year's event. I will include the video below for your perusal.

Its nice to have a dedicated VR showcase this year at E3

The list of games shown for PSVR this year at E3 was massive. They include Pistol Whip, which looks like an insane mashup of Superhot and Beat Sabre. Also announced was some new content for both Arizona Sunshine and I expect you not to Die. We will have more details on these expansions in the future, closer to release. A curious new puzzler, The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets was shown, it looks promising and very unique and I for one, cannot wait to try it.

A bizarre yet brilliant looking asymmetric title was also shown, it pits people in VR headsets against players on mobile devices and it looks brilliant. It also has one of the best game names announced at E3,
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels. What's not to like? We got our first look at Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and me being a massive Doctor Who fan, certainly cannot wait for that one. Daleks in VR? Yes please.

The Weeping Angels in VR, I cannot wait.

We also got a first look, even though it was only a small look at The Walking Dead: Onslaught VR game and it seems to be shaping up well. Its a way off yet though so we will have more of that in the future for you. Budget Cuts, the previously PC only VR game was announced for PSVR and that looks ace, I have been hoping that would come to PSVR and it is, brilliant stuff.

Last Months Games

On a monthly basis I like to cover how well the PSVR games did last month and if we reviewed them, link to the reviews. We reviewed 2 games this month on The Digital Fix, Home Sweet Home and Trover Saves the Universe. I don't think you could get two games so far away from each other on the gaming spectrum but there you go.

Trover Saves the Universe is full of insane characters

I reviewed Trover Saves the Universe and really enjoyed it. If you love Rick and Morty or anything that's a little bit naughty and insane then pick it up. Here's a snippet from the review - "As long as you don't mind the insane story and the games many profanities you will really enjoy Trover Saves the Universe. Its bad language can be turned off but in my opinion, the game is better with it. I don't think it will be to everyone's taste but it's bright, fun and never overstays its welcome."

I have also reviewed Mini-Mech Mayhem from Futurlab this month but it's still under embargo until Tuesday. Keep an eye out for my review when it goes live. It's certainly unlike anything else I have played on this platform. I love Futurlab and they have certainly brought something new to the table with this title. Keep them peeled on Tuesday for the review.

Mini-Mech Mayhem from Futurlab

Lloyd Coombes reviewed Home Sweet Home The Digital Fix and had this to say - "If Resident Evil 7 is VR’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre, consider Home Sweet Home as the platform’s analogue to The Grudge. If you’re looking for a world to explore while being scared silly, you can do a lot worse than Home Sweet Home - a very promising debut from Yggdrazil Group." I may have to have a blast at this title myself.

We also had Blood and Truth, which reviewed amazingly well and is currently sitting on an 80 on Metacritic. I have played it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its a great showcase for VR and a thrilling ride from start to finish. Everybody's Golf VR also released this month, which I got for fathers day and am currently quite addicted to. It's the VR golf game I have been waiting for, its so immersive and it feels great to play. If your a golf fan with a PSVR headset you definitely should not miss it.

June PSVR Confirmed Releases

Mini-Mech Mayhem - June 18th

Futurlab's latest PSVR outing is a four-player mech battler. Plan your moves and watch them play out in real time, at the same time as everyone else's. Watch your well-laid plans pay off or fail drastically. Check the review on The Digital Fix on Tuesday my fellow Mini-Mech operators.

Vacation Simulator - June 18th

Expect all the same madcap humour and get ready to experience a rough approximation of VACATION inspired by real humans. Brought to you by the same robots behind Job Simulator, expect maximum carnage to ensue. I really loved Job Simulator and cannot wait to dive into this one. Hopefully, we will have a review for this one to next week.

Well that's it for June folks, it has been another bumper month for PSVR and once again the future looks bright. Tune in next month for another look at the newest games, reviews and news for PlayStation's virtual reality platform. See you on the other side.

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