PSVR Monthly – June

PSVR Monthly – June. Read our monthly round up of PlayStation VR news, reviews and previews.

It’s that time again folks. Another month of PlayStation VR news, reviews and previews. While we have not done any reviews this month, we have had quite a few good bits of news regarding everyone’s favourite console VR headset. We also did a lot of VR reviews last month so its swings and roundabouts, I guess.


First up is a quite interesting piece of news. During the big PlayStation 5 reveal, which we covered live here on The Digital Fix, we saw the reveal of a new Playstation camera. What this means for PSVR is unclear, will it offer a better experience? Will it even be compatible? Only time will tell. We all know a new PSVR headset is on the horizon so everything with PSVR’s future is uncertain.

The PS5 reveal, with included HD camera. PSVR compatible? Who knows?

Next up, everyone’s favourite VR dubstep Jedi simulator. Beat Saber has had yet another free update with new 90 degree and one-saber maps added to existing songs. I think the support the developers have shown to this game has been fantastic. There have now been so many free songs and updates that fans have always had something new to try. If you have not played it yet, what are you waiting for?

Iron Man VR has finally gone gold. This means no more delays and we should have our hands on it in a week or two. I love this game, I have played it numerous times and we will hopefully have a review for you here on The Digital Fix. A new trailer was also revealed, which I have included below.

Suit up for greatness.

You can take this next piece of news with a grain of salt but a retailer briefly listed Prey VR for release. Real or fake this is certainly exciting. Prey would be the perfect candidate for a VR makeover. It’s a fun game and I imagine it would be even more fun in virtual reality. Hopefully, we hear more about that story in the future.

Brutal combat game, Helspit Arena is coming to PSVR. A release date is currently not known and not much else is known about it either but a quick look on youtube shows it to be immensely brutal. We have also had release dates for both Budget Cuts and Pistol Whip, both games look superb and will release on July the 10th and the 28th of July respectively.

I cannot wait for Budget cuts to release on PSVR.

Fast Travel Games are bringing Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, from The World Of Darkness Universe (Vampire: The Masquerade / Werewolf: The Apocalypse) to PSVR, that should be exciting. No Mans Sky has had yet another update. This time bringing cross-play to all platforms. So now you can travel the galaxy with more friends from different platforms. Isn’t inclusion great?

A massive coup for PSVR fans was shown this month, Star Wars: Squadrons was revealed and is completely playable in PSVR. The trailer was awesome and anyone who loves Star Wars or dogfighting games looks to be in for a treat. Have a gander below.

Squadrons, on PSVR? Yes please.

Want more Vacation Simulator? Well, you are in luck, Owlchemy Labs have announced some new, free DLC coming to everyone favourite virtual holiday simulator. NOW GO JOB, HUMAN! You can read the review for the brilliant Vacation Simulator here.

Solaris Offworld Combat from the makers of Firewall Zero Hour, which by the way is brilliant, has had a new trailer drop and it looks like fast-paced hectic fun. If it is as good as Firewall Zero Hour then we are all in for a treat. Firewall Zero Hour is probably the only VR online shooter I have enjoyed, it’s well designed, well made and a lot of fun, especially with friends.

Virtual pew, pew, pew has never looked so much fun.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

Like I said earlier, we have had no reviews in this quiet month for PSVR. You could always read some of them from last month. We did do five and some of them were amazing.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

July sees some amazing games come to PSVR. We hope to have reviews for as many of them as we can.

Iron Man VR – July the 3rd. Not much needs to be said about Iron Man VR. It has appeared in many editions of PSVR Monthly and it will be finally time to suit up and take to the skies. I cannot wait.

It is so close now.

Budget Cuts – July the 10th. We have been waiting a long time for this title to release on PSVR and it is finally here. Work and fight to save your job in the most spectacular ways and save TransCorp in the process.

Take on the evil robots at TransCorp and save your job.

That’s all the release dates for July I can find at the minute but as always there will be other releases and games to cover. PSVR games seem to release with little to no fanfare unless they are big titles.

Well, I will see you all again next month for another blast of PSVR goodness. Stay safe, play games and have fun.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

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