PSVR Monthly – July

PSVR Monthly – July. Read our monthly round up of PlayStation VR news, reviews and previews.

Welcome fellow PlayStation VR enthusiasts. These monthly PSVR updates seem to come round quicker and quicker each month don’t they? Even though, in my opinion, we are heading towards the end of the original PSVR headsets lifespan, we have had another great month. Iron Man VR launched, to widespread appeal and we have more great experiences on the horizon.

What the future holds for PSVR is a little unclear, in my opinion. Sony will not be dropping the medium any time soon and with all the patents and info that has been leaked over the last year or so, a new PSVR headset will likely be released after all the PlayStation 5 furore has been sorted out. The future for PSVR looks very exciting indeed.

We love you Astrobot.


Firstly I have to congratulate Sony and Camoflaj on an amazing Iron Man VR release. Such a fun and immersive experience that we reviewed highly here at The Digital Fix. It even debuted at number #2 in the UK charts. Not bad for a PSVR game. More on that later.

Secondly, we have the VR add-on for Dreams releasing this month. I think it may finally be time to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the Dreams fuss is about. I know a lot of people are creating amazing things and that can only get exponentially better with VR support being added.

Delayed but will be better in the end.

In a disappointing but required update to Budget Cuts, it has been revealed that the release date has been pushed back to work on the games polish and create a better end-user experience. The highly anticipated PSVR title has been pushed back to September the 25th but the console port will include an additional level, so not everything is bad news.

Ninja Legends has been announced for PSVR this year. I did not know much about the title but after a bit of canny research, I found the trailer below. It looks like a time-bending, ninja slicing good time if you ask me. We will have more on this title in the future, I am sure.

Chop, chop, chop.

We had another stealth release last month, which seems to be the case with PSVR titles. Which I have mentioned many times in this feature. Sometimes PSVR games do not get the attention or promotion that other titles get but what can we do? Anyway, I have included a trailer below for Dance Collider, make your own mind up about this one. There seems to be a lot of energetic, beat matching style games on PSVR, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Get moving, get colliding!

Another quirky title was announced for PSVR this month for release later in the year. RC Airplane Challenge, which I am sure is more exciting than it sounds, is due to hit our consoles in August. You can watch another trailer below and depending on your love for RC airplanes, you can decide whether to get excited about it or not.

Let’s take to the skies.

Crisis VRigade 2 was also released this month, this sequel looks like a massive improvement over the first title and will support the PS Aim controller, which is always great news. The more immersion the better if you ask me. Check it out below.

Shooty shooty bang bang!

The developer of A Fisherman’s Tale, Innerspace VR, is releasing another title on PSVR. Maskmaker, which looks like another stellar VR title, will be releasing on PlayStations VR headset. No date has been given yet but if it is as good as A Fisherman’s Tale then we will certainly be in for a treat. Have a gander at the trailer below.

Another great looking VR title from Innerspace VR.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

We only had one review on The Digital Fix last month but boy was it a good one. My good friend, Dan Phillips, reviewed Iron Man VR and had the following to say –

Being Iron Man in VR is fascinating, fun and exhilarating. While the story does not match the same experience, it is an absolute blast to be Tony Stark.

You can read his full review here. Its a good one.

I am Iron Man!

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Pistol Whip – July the 28th. The long-awaited shoot-em-up music mashup title finally graces our consoles. I for one, have been looking forward to this one for a while. Hopefully, we will have a review here for you on The Digital Fix.

Shoot to the beat.

That’s the only solid release date I can find for PSVR games within the next month. As always though, many PSVR games will pop up unexpectedly, so expect more news on those next month.

Well that’s all folks! See you at the same place and the same time next month for more PSVR goodness. Stay safe.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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