PSVR Monthly - January

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PSVR Monthly - January

Here we are then, the first PSVR monthly of 2020. I am sure many people have new PSVR headsets from the holiday period and are dying to see some new games, reviews and previews. January is normally quiet for new releases and news but we do have a few tidbits to share with you.

We have had some interesting news about a follow-up PlayStation VR headset launching with the PlayStation 5 later in the year, so we should probably tackle that news first. Whether it materializes or not is anyone's guess as the internet is fraught with rumours at the moment. We can all speculate on new PSVR hardware and it is really exciting either way.

PSVR has had a great few years but is not without its faults


As much as I love PSVR and the amazing experiences it can offer. I do feel that the headset is getting to the end of its lifespan and I foresee a new wireless version not too far away. I also think the Move controllers and camera need replacing. They are supported by the PS5, as is the current PSVR headset but that means this tech will have been supported by three generations of PlayStation console. All the hardware is old now and definitely needs an update.

The single-camera system works well but has issues when tracking you facing away from it and it sometimes guesses where your Move controllers are. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the second revision of the PSVR headset. Below is some interesting news about a possible new PSVR headset launching with the PS5, do take it with a grain of salt though, nothing has been confirmed.

The Move controllers are outdated now and really need an upgrade.

As part of an investor report, VR Education stated the following -

2020 will see Sony release the PlayStation 5 and a new version of the PlayStation VR headset (PSVR), which will further expand the high-end VR user base; the Group intends to support this device with its current suite of showcase software.

Take from this what you will but if a new headset launches this year it would be amazing news. However, I personally think Sony may wait until next year. Most homes will not be able to splash out on both a new PlayStation console and an updated PSVR headset too. Sony would be wise to separate their launches.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a fun game.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets will be getting a physical release in the next month or so. We loved it in our review and it thoroughly deserves to be played by more people. You can grab it from your local game store on February the 28th. Its a charming little puzzle game that would only work in VR and it got a coveted TDF silver award.

We have had a new trailer for Recluse Industries PSVR game, Separation. The tweet and subsequent trailer have been added below for your perusal. It looks extremely eerie and I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

Iron Man VR has unfortunately suffered a release delay. It will now release on May the 15th, I personally don't mind but it will bother some players. Developers should be given the time they need to bring their visions to life. As Shigeru Miyamoto once wisely said;

A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

A new story trailer has been released though and if you could get any more hyped about this game, have a gander. I'm itching to suit up and fly around in VR. I tried this game last year and it is one of my most anticipated games coming this year for PlayStation VR.

PSVR Launch title, Job Simulator has racked up 1 million in sales. I loved playing this game, as did my kids and it is a well-deserved milestone to hit. We also loved the follow-up Vacation Simulator and found it to be a worthy follow up to the aforementioned PSVR launch title.

PlayStation announced the sales stats for its hardware and software in January, highlighting that five million PSVR units have been sold to date. Its great news to see PSVR selling so well and bringing so much joy to peoples lives. Hopefully, this will continue into the next generation of hardware and that inevitable PSVR 2 headset.

Some impressive sales stats from Sony.

The top downloaded PSVR games for 2019 have also been revealed. There are no surprises there and if you read this feature enough, there should be no surprises to you either. Here they are -


1 Beat Saber
2 Blood & Truth
3 Job Simulator
5 Creed: Rise to Glory
6 Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
7 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
8 Arizona Sunshine
9 Farpoint
10 Rick and Morty

North America:

1 Beat Saber
2 Superhot VR
3 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
4 Five Nights at Freddy’s VR
5 Job Simulator
6 Creed: Rise to Glory
7 Borderlands 2 VR
8 Firewall Zero Hour
9 Blood & Truth
10 PlayStation VR Worlds

Beat Saber is one of the best PSVR games I have played.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

In a quiet month for new game releases, we only had one PSVR review but boy was it a good one. I reviewed Shadow Legend VR and really enjoyed it. Go and give it a read, its a great VR game that should be played by any fantasy RPG fan. I said;

The combat is great with a lot of weapons to experiment with and each battle is enjoyable. The tracking is good and the VR implementation is great. What are you waiting for? Get out there and slay some of the undead.

Chop up the undead in Shadow Legend VR.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Dreams - February the 14th. While not being a fully-fledged PSVR game, PSVR support will be coming to Dreams soon after launch. With the amazing creations and games being made with the in-game tools, it will be a worthy addition to any VR fans game collection.

Seperation - TBA February. As shown earlier in the feature, this promising-looking game looks to be beautiful and eerie in equal measures and certainly looks interesting. I'm am hoping to hear more about it soon.

Well, that's it for this month PSVR fans, tune in again next month for more PSVR news, reviews, previews and shenanigans. See you there.

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