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Welcome to another month of PlayStation VR news, reviews and previews. It does seem that over the last few months PSVR news has died down a touch. I personally think this is due to it being at the end of a console generation, developers and Sony alike are no doubt diverting most of their efforts into the PS5 and maybe even, a new PSVR headset.

That being said, we do have some interesting news on the virtual reality front. We have a tasty look at a new PSVR controller patent which does lead me to believe, along with other factors that Sony will be looking to upgrade their VR offering in the not-to-distant future.

I sometimes prefer the virtual world over the real one.


Let’s start with the exciting news first. A recent patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment shows possible new PSVR controllers. I have included one image below for you to have a gander at. The new controllers do not look too dissimilar to the current PSVR controllers but do seem to have a vastly updated form factor and include a lot more up to date technology. New controllers are needed, the Move controllers are too old now and really need an update.

A quick google translate reveals some information that we can all decipher from the images. “Game Controller” is mentioned, along with “detecting arm movement” and there is a lot of talk about sensors and they seem to be able to detect the movement of each individual finger. As always with these things, take this news with a pinch of salt. Not all patents come to fruition and most of the time the final hardware doesn’t even get manufactured.

An exciting new PSVR controller patent was unearthed this month.

It is fun to discuss news like this though and we are all bursting to see what gaming on PlayStation is going to be like in the future. Sony is playing with its cards firmly held to its chest and I understand that, Sony is the current market leader and must tread very carefully. The fans seem to be going a bit insane on social media waiting for the Tech Giant to announce its PS5 plans and maybe even some news about its future place in the VR gamespace.

We had a massive free VR game in this months PlayStation Plus games. Firewall Zero Hour was a bonus game included in everyone’s subscription. I have jumped in several times and the game is still amazing, especially with friends and if you have the Aim Controller it is the most immersive PvP VR shooter on the platform. If you have PS+ and PSVR you should really give it a shot, it is gloriously entertaining.

I love Firewall Zero Hour, give it a shot if you can, it is free for PS+ members.

In a bit of rather sad news, SIE Manchester Studio has been closed down without releasing a single PSVR game. Sony stated that it intends “to close it [Manchester Studio] as part of our efforts to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness.” What that actually means is anyone’s guess but you can read more over at It is certainly dismal news to hear though.

We have had an interesting new trailer revealed for a VR platformer. Ven VR certainly looks interesting and after playing Astro Bot, I think well-made platformers have a very good future in VR. Ven VR looks great and it has certainly shot up my VR games-to-play list.

I think we do need to speak about Dreams a little. The game was released this month to amazing reviews and people are creating a whole plethora of inventions and dreamscapes. In an interview with the developers on Eurogamer, it seems that the VR part of the title is very close, as is multiplayer. Can this game honestly get any cooler? It will not be long before I jump in, especially when the VR portion is added.

The weird and wonderful Space Channel 5 is releasing this week and if you wanted to try this musical, quirky VR game then there is a free demo available on the PlayStation store. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea but anything free is worth a shot, right?

Space Channel 5, not for everyone but it certainly looks interesting.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

We only had one PSVR review on the site this month but it was a doozy. It was for Box VR which is a game that released quite a while ago but a game I thoroughly enjoyed and still play now. It did remind me quite a bit of Beat Saber and that is never a bad thing. I said in my review-

Even though its quite simplistic, I really enjoyed Box VR. Its music is great and its design is well thought out. It may feel a bit light on features but the game gets you straight into the action and burning off those calories. What more can you ask for? It is great fun and a good workout to boot.

Box your way to VR fitness.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Covert – March the 6th. This nice-looking title was originally supposed to launch at an earlier date but due to adding PS Move controller support, has been pushed back into March. I have included the trailer below to whet your appetites.

Covert, a nice looking VR game releasing in March.

There will be many more VR releases next month but a lot of VR games release with little or no fanfare. We will try and grab as many as we can for reviews ready for next month.

Well, that is all for this month folks. Tune in next month for another virtual burst of PSVR goodness. Hopefully, we will have had more reviews and previews for you to digest.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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