PSVR Monthly - April

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4
PSVR Monthly - April

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series detailing what's coming up and what's been going on with PlayStations virtual reality platform. I feel that PSVR is going from strength to strength, I am really happy that PlayStation seems to be really getting behind it and helping it become successful. It's a great experience, that when done well, is like nothing else in gaming.

PSVR started well but a lot of the games were tech demos and small experiences. Since then the games have got deeper, more immersive and now that the developers have got to grips with the platform, it seems the games are coming in thick and fast. Some of the original tech demos at the start of the platforms life cycle have been fleshed out into full games.

Blood and Truth, out soon

Astrobot, for example, was a minigame in Playroom VR at launch. Since then it has evolved into one of the most unique and rewarding platformers I have ever played. The Heist, in a similar vein, was a minigame in PlayStation VR Worlds and was a great look at what the platform can do. That has also evolved into Blood and Truth, a game releasing soon on the platform that has been getting some very good previews.


We were recently treated to PlayStations State of Play presentation which included a lot of new trailers for PSVR games. Some good stuff was shown, Iron-Man VR especially. That game has caused quite the stir, getting some great previews and is looking good to be a great experience on the platform. Give the trailer a gander in the presentation below, it looks like it will be very entertaining.

Also included was a massive piece of news about No Mans Sky, the next update will fully support PSVR. I cannot wait to dive back in and explore the galaxy in virtual reality. As with Iron-Man VR, the thoughts from people who have tried it so far have been very positive.

No Man's Sky VR Support is on the way

Concrete Genie, the amazing looking PlayStation exclusive was also revealed to have not one, but two PSVR modes. They both sound amazing and will give you a much more immersive experience in this beautiful looking game. Use the Living Paint in new amazing ways and experience this world in virtual reality.

Blood and Truth, the eagerly awaited first-person action title got a release date in the presentation too. It releases on May the 18th, so you won't have to wait too long to dive in. Also shown, all releasing this year were -
  • Mini-Mech Mayhem – June 6th
  • Jupiter & Mars – April 22nd
  • Falcon Age – April 9th
  • Trover Saves The Universe – May 31st
  • Everybody’s Golf VR – May 21st
  • Table of Tales – April 16th
  • Vacation Simulator – June 6th

I have included the presentation below all below for you to digest. It was a great presentation if you are a PSVR fan, I do know though that it ruffled some feathers though with it being so VR orientated.

In another presentation this month, the Gearbox Borderlands 3 PAX East show, we were treated to another great piece of PSVR news. Borderlands 2, the VR version will now be getting all the DLC from Borderlands 2 for free as an update soon. That added to the recently revealed Aim controller support means I might actually jump in and play Borderands 2 for the 3rd time, this time in virtual reality though. Amazing.

Also this month, the new PSVR peripheral, the foot-rudder has been given a solid release date and has had more info released about it. In my opinion, this piece of kit could revolutionise PSVR and if implemented well could really take off. It's essentially a way to control your in-game character with your feet. Quite often movement is done with the Move controllers and is a bit fiddly. This hardware could alleviate a lot of the issues with virtual reality movement. I am hoping to get my hands on one for review, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Take a look at the website to get some more information. Supported PSVR games and features of the new piece of kit.

Have a look at this beauty

April PSVR Confirmed Releases

Beat Blaster - 05/04

30 randomly generated levels of blasting mayhem. Shoot and dodge to the rhythm of the music. Both Aim controller and the new 3D foot rudder will be supported.

Falcon Age - 09/04 

Defend your homeland against an oncoming horde of robots. Raise a falcon to help you fight, farm and take back your homeworld from the forces of evil. This game honestly looks amazing. Some of the gifs I have seen on the internet are amazing. Who does not want to raise a baby falcon?

QuiVr - 11/04

Grab your bow and protect your keep in frantic 4 player co-op action. Realistic physics combine with intuitive archery gameplay to create a unique virtual reality experience.

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown - 16/04

A living board game comes to life in this quirky new title. You lead a team of four scoundrels trying to swashbuckle their way to victory. Your management of key decisions will decide your outcome.

Ghost Giant - 16/04

Revealed last year, Ghost Giant looks fantastic. You protect a boy called Louis, only he can see you and you must manipulate his world and use your sheer size to help the citizens of Sancourt. We are hoping to have a review of this title next week.

Jupiter & Mars - 22/04

You are a dolphin with echolocation abilities, dive into an underwater wonderland. Solve puzzles, find legendary sea creatures and bring the bleached underwater world back to life.

There is a lot for PSVR fans to be excited about at the minute and a lot of games to try this month. See you all again next month for more previews, reviews and PSVR news.

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