PSVR Monthly - April

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PSVR Monthly - April

Welcome to another month of PlayStation VR news, reviews and previews. Firstly, I hope everyone is safe and coping well in this time of crisis. It is nice to see so many families using games to stay sane and have fun together. So while we are all stuck inside it is pleasant to have a small video game shaped bits of joy to get us through these tough times.

Its been a whole year since we started this feature and time has flown by. If anyone wants to send virtual presents, virtual cake or virtual beers into us at The Digital Fix, that would be great. I have enjoyed writing this monthly feature and PSVR is a platform that is very close to my heart. Let's hope it continues for another year.

1 year of PSVR monthly, wow, that has flown by!

Due to the virus pandemic, PSVR news is a bit thin on the ground but there have been a few tidbits to report. There was the first look at the PS5 controller, which has unknown implications for PSVR. Some games are being pushed back at the minute and that is understandable, given the way things are around the world. Let's hope things get back to normal as soon as possible.


Firstly, an understandable announcement but a sad one nonetheless. Iron Man VR has been delayed indefinitely. I loved it when I played it at EGX last year and I cannot wait for it to be released. As soon as a release date gets announced, which I think will be soon, you will hear about it here on The Digital Fix.

Delayed indefinitely, hopefully, we will hear something soon.

This month we had a quick trailer for Crisis VRigade 2 shown, I was not a massive fan of the first game but the trailer for the second looks a lot better. I am anticipating a more in-depth and fun game throughout and the trailer certainly makes it look that way. The trailer is included below for you to have a gander at. (Trailer courtesy of Realitevirtuelle܂com)

Crisis VRigade 2 already looks better than the first game.

Does anyone remember Headmaster? It was an early PSVR game about heading a ball, completing challenges and getting involved in varying football-based shenanigans. Some new DLC dropped this month in the shape of The Lost Lessons. Take a look for yourself, I love the lighthearted humour in this game.

More Headmaster is good. Its lighthearted fun for everyone.

We have had some sneaky PSVR releases this month that were not in last months feature. As always with PSVR games, for some reason or other, they seem to release quietly and with very little promotion. Firstly we have Form, which looks to be a very interesting game indeed. In the trailer below you can see numerous environmental puzzles that need solving in a beautifully created world, I cannot wait to dive into it.

Also released last month was Eye of the Storm: Sharknado VR, make of that what you will. I am yet to see any footage of it but I have made a mental note to go and see what that is all about, sharks and tornados I would imagine. Also released last month were A Room where Art Conceals, Megalith VR Complete Edition and Spuds Unearthed. My next review for The Digital Fix is Spuds Unleashed so keep an eye out for that one.

We had a weird-looking trailer for a new game coming to PSVR, its called Good Dog, Bad Dog and it is certainly uncanny looking. If the below trailer is anything to go by, we are in for something like nothing else on the platform. I can honestly say that I have always wanted to know what it was like to be a dog, now I can. Is that weird? Probably.

Good Dog, Bad Dog, weird game.

Both No Mans Sky and Beat Saber have had some new juicy free content released this month. No Mans Sky has had an Exosuit update and Beat Saber has had a new free track added to its ever-growing soundtrack. The track is called FitBeat and the community had a hand in deciding on the name for it. Both these games are fantastic and let's be honest if you have not played them yet, why not? They are some of the best experience on PSVR to date.

I suppose we should talk about the new PS5 controller that was shown this month, The DualSense 5. With no light bar on top, what does this mean for PSVR going forward? Sony stated that PSVR will work on PS5 so there must be some solution on the cards. A USB add-on? Use DualShock 4 controllers? Maybe even updated VR controllers all together? Who knows? I am sure we will find out soon enough.

No lightbar, what does this mean for PSVR?

Finally, we have a few small PSVR tidbits to share. The eagerly anticipated Dreams VR update is close to being released and is currently undergoing QA testing. The beta for upcoming first-person shooter Alvo has been submitted to Sony for approval and the trophy data for The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners have been released, so expect all these juicy bits to appear soon. I can't wait. Exciting times.

The Digital Fix PSVR Reviews

Good Goliath, a fun, if not short VR throwathon.

We only had one PSVR review on The Digital Fix last month. I reviewed Good Goliath. You can find the full review here. I said:

Good Goliath is short and fun but maybe a bit of a one trick pony. I did enjoy the combo system and the slight puzzle style to the oncoming enemy waves. Its graphics, environments and immersion are all top notch and as long as you do not mind just throwing stuff for a few hours and a few small issues, do not hesitate to give it a try, I enjoyed my short time with it.

Upcoming PSVR Releases

Disaster Report 4 - May 7th. While not being a fully-fledged VR game, Disaster Report 4 does support PSVR. From what I have read, it sounds like the VR part is some kind of first-person exploration mode. Make your mind up about the game yourself and watch the trailer below.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Sometime in May. In this ethereal VR title, you play the role of a girl who has fallen into the world of Lewis Carrols Alice in Wonderland. Solve puzzles and help the girl return home. Have a look yourself in the trailer below.

As always, I am sure more games will be released next month but we will not know until closer to the time. Well that's it folks, see you all next month for your monthly burst of PlayStation VR goodness. Stay safe people.

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