New Puzzler Traffic Wonder is on its way!

Platforms: PC | Apple Mac | iPad | iPhone | Windows Phone 7

Our friends over at Yo Ambulante have handed us a copy of their new vehicle-based puzzler Traffic Wonder to play with. It is due to be released on March 15th on all major brands of touchscreen tablets, with PC, Mac and even a Kindle Fire version to follow.

The town planner was a bit tired and emotional.

The basic concept is simple - guide your different vehicles to their appropriate garages using as little fuel as possible and avoiding crashes. However, the game’s design ensures that it doesn’t stay simple for long and things quickly become challenging. Different vehicles travel at different speeds, and they all slow down for corners and speed up for straights. You can also use “stop hands” to stop vehicles in their tracks - but these are limited and cost fuel to use. Add in complex road layouts and the ability to convert your vehicles to use different types of fuel and you can see that there is plenty of scope here for this game to test your logic circuits to the maximum. Each level can be solved in a number of different ways. If you complete them using the best routes, and by burning the least fuel, you can earn medals and points on a global leaderboard.

Deceptively simple.

Traffic Wonder has the right look, the right level of joyful frustration in problem solving and has made itself accessible across nearly every conceivable platform. It's looking good for Yo Ambulante's puzzler. With 60 levels in the initial release, and more planned in future updates, Traffic Wonder offers plenty to keep you occupied for many an hour. Check back with us on Digital Fix for a full review once it’s released.

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