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This week on Just Browsing we're going to make those those grey cells work for their dinner. Here are two puzzle sites that will make your mind melt until it is just a puddle of putrid stupidity. As always, click on the titles or the pictures to take you to the games.

Why not post in comments section below if you get stuck and want some help or just want to blow off some steam?

The Google Puzzle

I imagine the Google developers get tired of creating algorithms, indexes and queries. In their spare time, when they’re not prancing around their beautiful glass offices drinking mojitos and playing pool, they sometimes create fun things for everyone to enjoy. The Google Puzzle is one such experiment.

While it seems a bit like an advertisement for Google’s products, it is actually quite a challenging puzzle that uses Google’s tools and your own deductive powers to solve. The riddles are generally at the perfect level of being hard without you banging your head against a brick wall and you get a good warm sense of achievement when you eventually solve them. It also scores you according to the time you take and compares you with other players across the web which adds an element of urgency to the usual casual pace of riddles.


So many windows!

One of the most interesting facets of this puzzle is it’s use of HTML 5 technology, with multiple windows appearing across your desktop, all linking together. However this also causes problems in most browsers and it is recommended you use Chrome (obviously!). Even using this browser I still found problems with puzzles not responding and having to restart. Also, having 10 windows open at once is incredibly annoying if you are trying to do anything else while you think.

Also, I will warn you that the last puzzle is a huge leap of logic and will probably make you want to throttle the creator. However, if you do manage to crack it you are rewarded with a very cute multiple window fireworks display which is actually quite impressive, at least from a technical standpoint.

Good luck!


While we are on the subject of riddles, why not bring up what is dubiously classed as ‘the hardest riddle on the Internet’?

This is not for the faint hearted. The puzzles start off simple but by level 4 you might start grinding your teeth in dismay, pulling out your hair and needing to oil those cogs that are cranking around in your brain. The eerie picture clues will start cropping up around your vision even while you're not looking at screens and the codes and passwords will drive you to the brink, but that moment when it finally clicks is possibly the most rewarding gaming experience available.

Why do the pictures have to be so creepy?

You will need to use as many brain cells as you can muster and all of the tools in the world to aid you through your enigmatic journey but fear not there is a huge dedicated fan base providing hints (solutions are generally forbidden) so you are not alone, and it is even more fun to work together with friends.

So, why not give it a go? The only risk is that you will lose your friends, family and livelihood as you disappear into the murky depths of riddled insanity.

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