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It’s long been a held opinion of mine that games can express the full cornucopia of human emotions, be it pleasure, pain, suspense, fear or love... and while the quagmire of commercial gaming represents only the former, I’d like to highlight a recent attempt by the gaming world to bring the latter closer to our hearts and a second, slightly older, one that makes us look at the kind of person we really are.

One and one story by Mattia "MATX" Traverso
I truly want to believe that this game was written for someone close to the author’s heart, like a wonderful romantic poem of the modern generation, or a digitised love-strewn ballad. Whether or not that is the case, Mattia has created a game that brings us closer to our soul mates using simple platforming mechanics.



One and one story does not reinvent the wheel, and anyone familiar with platforming puzzles will fly straight through, but it is the clever evolving mechanics that represent,as the author puts it, “the euphoria and trials of their relationship” that make it a inspiring and joyful game to play. If I were to be given this game, wrapped up in a red bow, for Valentine’s day, I think I would break down in tears of happiness.

The Majesty of Colours by Gregory Weir
If I ever go a Just Browsing entry without some reference to pixel art then you have my permission kick me. This vignette of a game makes you ponder the choices you have as a giant Leviathan discovering the human race for the first time. Will you save the drowning child and return her to dry land or will you let her drown and face the vengeance of society?


Choices, Choices...

Short and incredibly sweet, this game really makes you think about the way games in the past have been structured and how things can be different. There is no real goal, beyond finding the potential endings, it is simply an experiment to discover where your own morality lies and the consequences of your actions.

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