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Sometimes in life we just want to explore. See what the world can really show us. This desire to explore the universe can be distilled particular well into games. Present a player a world to explore and they will run off happily, checking every nook and cranny for treats or secrets. Today I bring you two worlds, which you can happily prance off into, again on the JB theme of recently released and highlights from the past.

William and Sly 2 by Lucas Paakh

There is a reason that an army of hikers migrate to the lake district all year around. Its stunning natural beauty is quite glorious to behold. You are probably stuck behind a desk staring at a ridiculously over-formatted excel spreadsheet, or worse, reading this. While you cannot escape to the countryside, perhaps I can tempt you over to William and Sly 2.


This game is possibly the most pretty and adorable browser based game I have ever played. The animations of the playable protagonist fox called Sly are insufferably cute, and since the game steers well clear of any kind of danger (thankfully Paakh has learnt from his mistakes in the original), there is no frustration or anger. All you are tasked with doing is gleefully jumping around the environment solving puzzles and collecting items. It is rather like a free short holiday in your browser.

Legend of Kalevala by DitDah

Metroid virtually created the wordy genre of action-adventure and exploration. Instead of travelling from left to right via a series of timed runs and jumps, the standard for all platformers, it dared to push players in any direction they wished. Areas previously unreachable would become available as the Samus gained more powers. It is a style of gaming that has found a new lease of life in indie gaming. K.O.L.M, Pieces, the indie renowned classic Knytt are all superb examples. Another is Legend of Kalevala.


Legend of Kalevala combines an excellent and involving storyline, interesting platforming mechanics and a huge world to explore into one superb game. It will undoubtedly keep you busy for a few hours on the first play through, and if you are a treasure hunter trying to track down those last few collectible memories, then you may find yourself trapped in it all day. While the shooting can be frustrating and difficult to aim, the overall scale of the game is so impressive that you will probably let that slide and become immersed in the pixelated world of Kalevala.

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