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The Digital Fix is a massive team effort, with specialist contributors manning every section of the site in their free time on a voluntary basis. We thought it was time you got to know a little bit more about each of the writers across all of the sections of the site.

Here's the team that brings you our Gaming section.

imageLewis Brown - Editor
‘lo all, my name is Lewis and I’m the Editor of TDF’s Gaming section. As well as being our resident policeman on grammar and the correct use of the possessive I also enjoy ninjaing all of the juicy PSP offerings extended to us. I’ve been gaming since I had a Spectrum ZX128k as a child and after my family I would say that it is certainly the passion of my life. As the gaming phenomenon becomes ever more ubiquitous and moves into the lives of people who would swear blind that they don’t actually ‘game’ (all the while fiddling around with Angry Birds) it’s a privilege to be able to evaluate and assess the wider market for you all.
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imageColin Polonowski - The Digital Fix Publisher
As the publisher of The Digital Fix, I manage the day-to-day direction of all areas of the site, from the content sections right through the forums. I am also the technical lead which means I ensure everything works as expected and any software changes are coded by my own hands! I occasionally contribute to all areas, but in general leave the specific area management to the people who know what they're doing. I am the main contact point for anyone who wants to discuss advertising, licensing, syndication and anything else at a business-level.
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imageAndrew Phillips
Hello people, my name is Andrew Phillips and I am sub-editor and Xbox 360 platform lead for The Digital Fix. My daily duties include posting news, reviewing new titles and building relationships with PR agencies. I am based in the 'burbs, just outside of Cardiff with the missus, a 3yr old boy, a beagle and of course the white picket fence. As I love digital stuff more than life itself I also work for a digital agency in Cardiff building and designing web sites, applications and mobile apps. I love gaming and have done since the days of the Spectrum 128k (also owned an Amiga CD32 and a Jaguar - honestly!). When I'm not working I like to chill out with the family, walk the dog, catch a movie and obviously play games!
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imageDean Love
I'm a writer for The Digital Fix that enjoys inflicting my views about games and television onto you poor readers. Here I mostly opine on hugely mainstream US TV shows and the tiniest niche indie PC games. I've also written for the likes of and the Mail On Sunday and shout about other things on my own blog. In my spare time you may find me running Leamington Spa's greatest comedy night where I occasionally tell jokes to people while standing on a stage.
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imageEdd Harwood
Hi, just call me Edd! You would think that someone whom responds to the age old question of 'What do you do?' with 'hmmmm... I'm a part-time writer, umm, part-time musician and double bassist in the band 6 Day Riot, and uh, (quietly) database developer ' there would be little time left in the day for much else. However, I still find myself sitting in my underwear all day playing video games made ten years ago. If a degree in Philosophy taught me anything, it would be that there is always time for that. Owing to this, I have been seen fit to lead the cause for Browser-based gaming as well as being the whip-cracking slave-driver for the fortnightly 'In Retrospect' features.
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imageGareth Gallagher
Hello all! My name is Gareth Gallagher and on the illustrious DigitalFix forums I am called Wakeupjake, currently I am sub-editing and writing for the gaming section and basically being at the beck and call of the editor. I live in glorious Belfast where I work for a broadcasting company who are indeed British, I’ll let you work that one out. I truly love games and have done since as long as I can remember, and now to write about games and help run the site has been a great experience and I foresee it growing into something fantastic. Other than that I also play guitar in a band you’ll never hear, dabble in photography and can often be found at the business end of a pint.
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imageLuciano Howard
Hi everyone, I'm Luciano, a scientist by day so very well placed (i.e. geeky) to write about games and television. I am the PS3 Platform Editor for Gaming whilst I write a variety of articles for Television. With TV my focus tends to be on US shows aside from the odd one or two from elsewhere (typically old school!) whilst from a gaming POV I play pretty much anything but have a real soft spot for platformers, action-adventure and driving.
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imageRebecca Brodeur
I work and live in the North East of England, despite being a born and bred Londoner. Though I work in a public library and have ridiculous access to books, I spend a lot of my time watching TV and playing MMO computer games. When I’m not doing that, I spend time with my needy cats and my independent husband, or I bake. You can follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter @arbitrarygenius.
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