Indie Of The Week - The Bug Butcher

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Indie Of The Week - The Bug Butcher

Whilst browsing through the sales on the Nintendo Switch store last week I came across a game that looked quite interesting to me, one that I hadn't heard of before. That game was The Bug Butcher.

The Bug Butcher is a 2D, fast-paced action shooter with a slight twist, you can only shoot vertically. Which makes this game very difficult. You play as Harry, the best bug exterminator in the whole Universe, and the scientists at a super, duper secret science facility are under attack from some very nasty space bugs. They need your help, but you don't come cheap. Especially for such a big job.

The premise is simple, defeat waves of enemies that get more and more difficult the longer you survive. It's more difficult than it sounds, trust me. There are various enemies you encounter that all move in a different way and attack in a different way. You can also upgrade your weapons and gear and also collect various abilities during the levels to help you, such as freezing the enemies or getting double damage.

There are 3 different modes to play, Arcade Missions; Basically the story mode, Panic Single Player; Survival Mode and Panic Co-op; Survival mode with a friend. Yes, this game has co-op. It's great.

The art style captured me immediately. Everything is bursting with colour and these colours just make each enemy or character stand out from everything else and it has a pretty decent soundtrack too, perfect for killing space monsties.

It's addictive, a hell of a lot of fun and I suggest you play it.

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