I Survived EGX 2019 – Day 3

It’s the end of time and pain is all that remains. My body is sore from all the walking and carrying around a bag the whole time, I’m tired owing to what was essentially a children’s birthday party in the corridor outside my hotel room at 1am, and I’m exhausted from being in a tiring city like London since Tuesday morning. But, damn it I came here for some video games, so let’s do this!

As you would expect from a Saturday, Day 3 started with a long queue to play the upcoming Marvel Avengers game. After a 25 minute demo, I can safely say that it’s okay. The gameplay itself is solid, drawing heavily on the combat arguably perfected by the Arkham series. However, within that framework, they’ve made each playable character feel distinctly different to play.

The demo was the one you might have seen, with an attack on San Fransisco interrupting what was an otherwise completely pleasant festival day, as super-villains are impeccable timing. You play as each of the Avengers in sequence, with each of the sections giving you a little taste of the heroes. I’m still not 100% sold on it, but Marvel Avengers was an enjoyable romp nonetheless.

After Marvel Avengers, I was late for meeting with Marvelous Games to have a look at a few of their upcoming games, for shame. I’ll write a better preview of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin next week; but I wanted to highlight the very intriguing Heroland, which turns dungeon crawling on its head by having you be a tour guide for a group of wannabe heroes. Definitely one to watch.

It might have come across already, but I needed a more chilled day today, so after doing the sensible press thing I hit up the extensive Retro Zone. Divided up into broad categories, there’s everything from pinball machines to even a PS3 (which makes me feel very old by its inclusion as “retro”). It’s just so wholesome to see people enjoy games that might be before their time.

Obviously, I sat down with some Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, which I greatly enjoyed in spite of the fact that the Dreamcast control pad was definitely not designed to play fighting games on. Then, after hitting up various eras of Sonic the Hedgehog (3 & Knuckles represent), I was about ready to sit and watch some other people play games instead of having to focus myself.

Luckily, there was just the thing, as EGX is the battleground for the Capcom Pro Tour. Some of the best players in the world playing Street Fighter V – absolute bliss. There’s no denying that SFV is really hype to watch, even if I don’t enjoy it personally, and some of the matches were absolutely incredible shows of prowess. It really gets me in the mood for the CPT Finals later this year.

As my final thing for the event I returned to the Marvelous stand to play GranBlue Fantasy Versus and check out the new character – Percival. The game is still gorgeous, and still feels amazing to play, it’s just a shame that the build that was at EGX was the previous open beta test one just with the additional character. So, I’ve still not been able to play as Lowain, my perfect cat boy.

That’s it for EGX 2019. There’s still more writing about the event to come shortly, but I’ve definitely not got the willpower or the energy to attend the Sunday. What I learned from today is I really should eat more at these things because coffee isn’t an adequate solution to that problem, and that the time ahead for gaming is looking great – regardless of that type of game you play.

I survived EGX 2019 … but just barely.


Updated: Oct 20, 2019

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