Handheld Game of the Year 2012

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With an ever expanding market and more releases per week than you can shake a stick at it takes something truly special to stand out from the crowd. This year it is safe to say that Simon Read's New Star Soccer has taken over the life of many a person, this includes the Digital Fix's editorial staff. The sheer number of hours that we have put into this game over the last year would probably be in line with the most popular MMORPG.


Our very own Edd Harwood brought this game to our attention in his Just Browsing feature in April, he said:

"I am completely at a loss for words regarding this game. You see, it has been said that I am not much of a football fan, and I’ve rarely touched the soccer gaming genre in recent times. That being said, there was a time when I was feverishly addicted to a Championship Manager 2. That was 1996. I remember taking the helm of a lowly Swansea City , wallowing in division 3, and leading them to victory in the premiership. I was a hero. Enough of the nostalgia. New Star Soccer is some strange mutant spawn of the old school nature of Championship Manager, Sensible Soccer, The Sims, and a simple Paper Toss game. Somehow the result is the most unique, obsessive and habit-forming browser game I have come across all year.

It should not work. The scenarios seem simplistic to the point of tedium but, as we so often find in life, somehow this compulsive need to win and drive your team higher keeps you hooked. As long as you do not go into this game thinking it is a footballing emulator but instead a silly arcade game, then there is a monstrous amount of fun to be had. The game is also available on mobiles (which judging by the design is its main focus), so once I’ve got a phone whose main function is not simple cavity wall insulation, I can see those travelling hours disappearing in minutes"

Whether you are playing this on your browser, or on your mobile device of choice on your commute you will find a game that transcends what it is; a text based football game with mini games and basic life management. It is however utterly superb and if you don't forget to do something important in real life while playing this then you quite simply aren't doing it right. Our hats are off to Simon Read, he has truly delivered something exceptional and we wait with anticipation for his next productivity killer.

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