GDC 2108 – One Piece Bounty Rush’s Yoshinobu Takabayashi Interview

TDF: We are with Yoshinobu Takabayashi from One Piece Bounty Rush to talk about the new mobile game. So, we are not expecting an answer to this but it has to be asked, do you know when the release date will be?

Have to say, soon. To be honest I am not the producer I am the brand manager for One Piece Bounty Rush. Our producer is in Japan now and he is working really really hard to finish the game now. So I would say by the end of this month or soon.

How much information do you have about what the in app purchases will be and what they will do?

Okay we are going to have in app purchases called rainbow diamonds, which can be used to get new characters and restore your energy and all kinds of stuff.

On the demo downstairs there are two different arenas, will you be adding arenas as well as other content after launch?

We will be adding more and more characters, battlefields and items, just look for it. We aren’t sure how many battlefields we will have on release but will have more in the future for sure.

There are also specific features characters can use like the cannons that can only be used by the shooter class, will more of these be added?

So these are map gimmicks, we will have a lot more of these. So far we have cannons in one map and spikes in another. There are a lot more unique gimmicks depending on the battlefield, each battlefield has different gimmicks.

What are your favourite gimmicks in battlefields, are there ones that you like more than others?

There is a gimmick in the battlefield that is a gate that anyone can go through, but at a certain point a key will appear that one team can grab to allow them to use the gate. This gate is a shortcut to let them get to your opponents banks more quickly.

It is an interesting take on an action game as rather than just being focussed on taking your opponents out it is more about the objective itself, will you be adding more modes as you go on such as Capture the Flag or a strict Deathmatch?

That is an interesting question, we have been focusing on this mode at the moment but we will keep thinking about this.

Who is your favourite character?

I have to say Luffy. He is the main character who is very energetic, has great leadership and is very strong as well. Other than that I would have to say Zoro, he is a samurai and I am Japanese so of course I like him.

With Luffy being known for having lots of forms in the anime will they be in the game too?

Hopefully, we are planning to add more and more content. The way we will have different types of the character is to have them as different characters. So Luffy from his village or Alabasta. There will be a lot of Luffys, each one will have different stats and different skills.

Which character classes do you like using in the game?

I like using the high power characters like the 4 star ones. So he has different moves and stats to the first one, so he has the Gum Gum Axe instead of Gum Gum Pistol. Even the combos are different.  He has four attacks in his one combo. This is my favourite in the early stage of the game.

Which characters that aren’t in the game at the moment are you looking forward to adding?

On the games release we plan to have around 70 characters. We will unlock the characters according to the story of One Piece, so starting with the first episode of the anime. These can be unlocked with a Gacha System.

Okay thank you very much for your time. 

Yoshinobu Takabayashi


Jason Coles

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

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