GDC 2018 - Talking Dragon Ball Legends with Keigo Ikeda and Toshitaka Tachibana

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TDF: So we are with the Team Leader Keigo Ikeda and the Overseas Producer Toshitaka Tachibana from the recently announced Dragon Ball Legends.

So you have said that there would be all of the characters from all eras of Dragon Ball, so does that include characters from Super? Will the roster be huge?

Yeah, there will be characters from Super and the end roster will be massive.

So the card system is really interesting, will you get to customise the decks or is it unique to each character?

So you actually answered your own question a bit, each character has a card attached to them, depending on which character you bring into battle your deck will change. So you have to think about your party composition.

Regarding the different characters, will you be able to transform between different forms in mid battle?

Honestly, we would like to tell you but we can only tell you what is possible to tell you.

Obviously there will be in app purchases as the game is free to play so what will these be?

So as of now we can’t tell you but we will have some in app purchases, it won’t be anything extremely new but at the same time we won’t be locking content away for the free to play players.

With the new technology from Google being so impressive, how excited are you as a team to be able to demo this with Dragon Ball?

So right now we are laughing about how we can talk about it with confidence, but until we demonstrated it yesterday we were scared out of our asses as we weren’t really sure if the connection would work properly. Rehearsals mean nothing until the actual presentation and because we are using the Dragon Ball IP we couldn’t screw up as it would make the IP look bad and we wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

You’re partnering with Dimps on the creation of the game, is there any reason you aren’t going with Arc System Works after Dragon Ball FighterZ being one of the best fighting game possibly ever?

 Excluding the planning and details and such, the actual development took about two and a half years, so timing wise we actually started around the same time. That and also the fact that Dimps has so much experience with the Dragon Ball Games. They have all these games that have worked on a big scale, Xenoverse was amazing, and while it has it’s ups and downs we knew we could trust them with this IP and we knew we could make an even better game.

Will you be using the technology here for other games?

As of now, we are really focussing on getting this out the door first so we haven’t really thought about it much yet. But if you are going to do worldwide player versus player without region locking and separating them this is the only practical way we know so far. I am pretty sure that this, without sounding too conceited, we feel this title could become a benchmark for, not just our company but other smart phone app makers as well.

We have a reverse questions for you, as you play fighting games, in terms of controls and gameplay itself how did you feel about this game?

The controls are really good, they are nice and simple which leans into the same kind of accessibility that we had with Dragon ball FighterZ, so you’ve got this amazing looking gameplay without having to memorize ridiculous button inputs. The fact that the game is mostly based on timing means you can take players who wouldn’t necessarily be able to play a fighting game and they can both play it and enjoy it. The ability to open up the fighting genre to people who can’t normally enjoy this genre is great.

Thank you, that is really what we are aiming for, we want it to be accessible and not hindered by the game genre so that this becomes a universal thing. Another big thing that makes PvP accessible to everybody is the progression system, each character has their own level up system and customisation. So your Goku and Keigo’s Goku could be completely different. It isn’t just about the fighting itself, choosing who to use is the first part of the battle but it is really strategic.

So are there RPG elements then?

Yeah there are going to be RPG elements.

Who are your favourite characters?

So Keigo originally loved Vegeta the most but as he worked on this he slowly fell in love with Nappa, don’t ask me why? The signature attack is an area of effect attack so you can’t dodge it unless you dodge backwards. Mine is Vegeta too but moving on with this I really like Pikkon.

I am looking forward to seeing Hit personally.

I noticed that a lot of the new characters from Super are really a thing and becoming part of the lore so we are really excited to release these characters.

You also have the GT characters like Pan, will we be seeing Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Goku?

We can’t answer this but if you watch the trailer again you might be able to see a hint.

I am going to ask this even though I know you won’t answer? But what is the new characters name?

We can’t tell you yet.

He is obviously from a different timeline, so is he from a different universe like Cabba and Kefla or from a different future like Goku Black?

He is not from a different universe, he is also from universe 7 like Goku, he is just that he is from far in the past.

Okay I think that is all of the questions.

We will be holding tournaments all over the world, we still haven’t decided on a specific date but when we do we will tell everyone. We will be holding these in America, Japan, maybe France and lots of other places.

 We look forward to hearing more about it, thank you for the chat. 


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