GDC 2018 - Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage Producer Masahiro Shirasaki Interviewed

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TDF: We are here with Masahiro Shirasaki who is the producer for Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage, can you tell us a little about the game?

So this is based on the anime, both Naruto and Boruto and is a ninja action game. It has lots of the anime in it like Naruto’s Rasengan attack as well as lots of the characters from both anime. As well as having the action game it also has strategy. You can actually make your own fortress and fill it with traps and shinobi which is the strategy part.

So you announced that Mitsuki would be coming out in the next couple of weeks, who are the next set of characters you will be releasing?

The animation for Boruto is still going on, we are planning on adding more characters from this but we can’t say which characters or when we will be adding them.

Will you also be adding new traps and new terrains to the game?

The traps will also be updated as we go along.

For players who haven’t played this what are the in app purchases and what can you do with what you buy?

So this game is Free to Play but if you want to enjoy playing more and more you can purchase the gems, with which you can get more ninja cards and play the missions more. So you can decide how you want to play the game and spend the gems.

Can you unlock the characters through gameplay as well as through purchases?

Some people had said that it was too difficult to get new characters so we have made it easier to get new characters without currency. This will happen at the end of this month.

Moving on to the classic questions, who are your favourite characters in the series?

Of course I love Naruto but in this game each character has different cards for different eras. In this game I really like Shikamaru and Tsunade as she can be a healer.

In the most recent anime episodes of Naruto we have been introduced to the Byakuya gang, will any of these be added in to the game?

We can’t say when but we will are aiming to add more characters as we go but we will probably focus on getting the main characters in there first.

Along with this, although the game is a few months old it is still growing so please check for updates on Facebook.

One last question, do you prefer Naruto or Boruto?

Definitely both.

Okay thanks very much for your time. 

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