Evil Genius 2: World Domination (Preview)

Platforms: PC
Evil Genius 2: World Domination (Preview)

Think of how wacky Dr Evil is in the Austin Powers movies and the weird and wonderful lairs he settles himself in. Think about what kind of mad and crazy world you can build around yourself in Evil Genius 2; because if you are thinking it, you can probably do it. I mean apart from actually stealing one billion dollars you can do everything. Do you want SHARKS WITH FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS ON THEIR HEADS(Lasers not included)? They are yours to build and use on any cunning and brave spy that wants to take you and your evil plot on.

Evil Genius 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to Evil Genius that came out back in 2004 and what Rebellion has done is truly more remarkable than what I was expecting. Not only have they kept to the roots of the original, but they have also really taken their time to develop and modernize this classic into an extremely fun management sim.

I stayed away from any spoilers, videos, and pictures so I could come into this title with a clear head and first impressions. Instantly after loading through the settings, this game is strikingly beautiful and gives off that classic spy/villain cliche immediately (think James Bond back in the day when it was a PG). With my giddy mode now in gear and all my settings sorted, I equipped the very evil and very mischievous Max to start my evil reign. Never have I ever been able to build a secret lair inside a volcano on a beautiful tropical island before, but learning from the in-game tutorial, I was able to get my base set up in no time and with help all the way through from my petrified minions, I was having a blast.

And just when I thought I was scratching the surface of the base building, more and more became available to do. The vast amount of different rooms you require are hugely detailed and provide so much to your evil operations. These can be built across multiple floors of the volcanic structure, to whatever wacky floor plan you decide to follow through on. I found myself changing the design of my lair multiple times. Sometimes this was due to room necessity, but really it was down to aesthetics. Don't we all love a well-designed layout?

Spies from the Forces of Justice will test your base from time to time. Do these perfect spies think they have what it takes to infiltrate my very evil lair and snap all the intel they can and then return without a scratch? They can think again. I have my mighty minions, hundreds of them, ready to defend me at a moment's notice or until their fatal end. Not only that, I have traps everywhere. This could be a knockout punch from a hidden boxing glove, a floor that gives way and into a pool of hungry, razor-toothed sharks, or the very dangerous bubble machine (don't want a bubble bursting in your eye, ouchie). Plenty of obstacles to get through and more to be researched and unlocked in my lab full of crazy intelligent scientists.

After 20 hours spent leading all my loyal (mostly loyal) minions to world domination, I pretty much completed all that I had to do. I could have carried on further, but I had done everything I was allowed to do in this preview. When I say there are loads more things to be done, there is an immense amount of things to do. Not only do you have Max's campaign, you have 3 others who will send you in a different direction of play with their unique campaigns. They all come equipped with individual doomsday devices which I have yet to use, but my evil hands cannot wait!

Not only do we have these 4 villains, but you have multiple henchmen to recruit with different abilities to stop any Forces of Justice agents in their tracks. Three beautifully crafted island locations to settle your building and management sim addictions, and giving you hours upon hours of replayability. World domination has never looked this good!

Evil Genius 2: World Domination is still in development and all images may not show you the final build of the title. The game will be releasing 30th March 2021, so prepare your sharks.

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