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We occasionally dip into hardware reviews here on The Digital Fix and with a new range from Element Gaming now available through Ebuyer there’s never been a better time to reconsider kitting out the den. We take a look at four items from the higher-end of Element’s range - their premium Office Gaming Chair, the Iridium Gaming Mouse 820, Thorium 300 keyboard and Xenon 700 headset. There’s certainly a lot to delve into, so let’s start with the chair - perhaps not the most technical of the items, but a fundamental part of any setup.

Element Gaming Office Chair - Black & Red


Mention ‘gaming chair’ to your average punter and it’ll likely conjure images of unwieldy, posture-worsening seats that wouldn’t look out of place on the bridge of the Enterprise. Occasionally they may even have accoutrements - cup-holders, in-built speakers, that kind of thing. Well, that or a bean bag. Element instead choose to take a different path and base their design on a cross between an office chair and a seat from a sportscar and, surprisingly, it’s rather lovely.

Available in an admittedly gaudy red-and-black design and a far more sensible black-and-black version, initial impressions are positive. Given this is a rather large chair, it won’t arrive in any swish packaging - like any other piece of home furniture it’ll be a serviceable brown box, the constituent parts carefully sandwiched inside. You’ll soon appreciate how few parts there are - aside from a few screws and casters the chair has only a handful of parts, the back, base and stand all coming in solidly constructed bits. A one sheet instruction guide is straightforward, very nearly to the point of inconsequence given that there isn’t a great deal you can do to go the wrong way. Connect the back to the seat along with the sturdy, powdered-metal armrests, add the casters to the base, tighten using the included hex key. Put together and voila - your new throne is pretty much done.


Due to the minimal amount of parts, the chair feels really solid. Sitting in the completed article for the first time feels really good - the contours of the back and base aren’t imposing and perfectly support your back. Some gaming chairs feel like they enclose you within their plastic grip - this chair feels airy and open, more in line with the office environment. The chair is upholstered with PU leather - even though this isn’t high-grade cowhide, it still feels great (no bare skin adhesion yet!) and makes for an easy clean in case of spillages. The backrest provides cushioned head support while your arms are ably supported, contributing to a very comfortable and spacious design.

However, the sturdiness and comfort of the chair does come at a cost. In terms of adjustability, you’ve got the height of the chair… and that’s all. Anyone lucky enough to be in a well stocked office (well, lucky might not be the word most would use) will have come across chairs covered in levers and knobs, able to be contorted to suit even the most pernickety employee. Element’s chair does recline slightly, but the modular design means that this isn’t the pinnacle of just-right alteration.
When it comes to chairs, ergonomics is king and, while this can make for some very comfortable designs it can also result in eye-watering prices. At a reasonable £99.99 (on Ebuyer at time of review), the Element Gaming Office Chair might not incorporate a great deal of adjustability, but neither is it unaffordable. Other chairs at the same price-point can look underwhelming - do a quick search on GAME’s site for that - while this feels solid and swish. While it might not be as all-out comfortable as chairs where you can curl up with a controller, it’s office functionality hints towards its more pragmatic use, emphasising posture over slouching. Despite a lack of customisation, the Element Gaming Office Chair makes up for it with an eye-catching design and great support. It might be more suited for an office rather than a gaming den but for it’s sub-£100 price point you get a solid, eye-catching chair that might not have a great deal of options but is recommended nonetheless.


The Element Gaming Office Chair can be bought at Ebuyer

The full Element Gaming range can be viewed on their website

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