Descenders Preview

Platforms: PC

Every wanted to cycle down a procedurally generated mountain side at break neck speeds while trying to do tricks and not smash into a hay bale rolling towards you? Well then this is the game for you. Descenders is a shaping up to be an entertaining little game where you aim to complete bonus objectives and see how far into it's various levels you can get before your character winds up a little broken and back at camp.

As you progress through the game you get the chance to choose sponsors and also unlock new starting points for your next run. The former happens when you manage to rack up enough reputation, whether through performing 360 backflips or through wheelying down the mountain to the finish line, doing so in style nets you some reputation points which attracts sponsors to you.

The level progression is interesting, you get to choose what style of level you go to next and can choose one that suits the bonus objective you have been set. As you go through each level you are given a bonus objective which gives you the chance to get an extra life to keep you going even further, get to the boss objective and complete it three times in total to unlock a new starting point for your next run. Think Spelunky meets SSX but on a bike.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing is the fact that you don't actually have to use the path given to you, if you feel so inclined you can make your own way to the finish line, in fact with some time based objectives it is encouraged in some places. This is a really interesting way of doing things providing you can avoid the camper vans in the forest or tractors in the fields.

As the game is in early access there will be updates coming in the near future and there is already a lot of content there thanks to the style of game. With daily challenges and the constant aim for higher scores it is a game you can definitely sink a lot of time into and has a promising future ahead of it.


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