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Today Bandai Namco gave some more information about their anime based mobile games. Each one sits in a different genre which gives the Bandai Namco an interesting array of new offerings and Dragon Ball Legends is even using a some new technology from google in order to allow for proper global play in real time.

First up is Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, an online RPG that tasks players with becoming part of an Assault Team along with other trapped players all around the globe with the aim of conquering Aincrad. The game features some exclusive stories not seen in the original anime series including some brand new plot twists as well. You play as a brand new character supported by your  friend and fellow beta tester Koharu, both characters have high levels of customisation both in their looks and their abilities. You will be able to mix and match abilities from series mainstays like Asuna and Kirito in order to find a style that suits how you play and is completely unique. You can preregister now and there will be a special comic released on the 23rd March online as well. The games Producer Tomohiko Takeuchi told us in an interview that there will be more updates rolling out after launch to keep adding content and that the way the story diverges from the anime adds some background information on characters like Heathcliff. He also said that although the new characters are both Beta testers they won't be subject to the same antipathy that Kirito receives in the anime.

Next is One Piece Bounty Rush which is a real-time team battling game. The game pits teams of four against each other and the team that gets the most Berry coins wins, to get these you can either defeat your opponents or overcome the tough boss characters. You can also attack the opponent's banks, which take the form of chests, in order to steal their loot which fits the pirate theme well. The game splits characters into five different categories based on their skills and winning will require not just great reflexes but having the right team and using the right strategies. Yoshinobu Takabayashi, the games producer told us that each level also includes multiple gimmicks which can be interacted with in order to trigger different effects, these range from things like shortcuts to weapons like cannons. There is no release date for this one yet but it is already gaining a lot of interest online.

Third is Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage, this is an action strategy game that already has an impressive 10 million downloads and the gameplay consists of a combination of action and tower defence. The action will have many of the classic characters fighting it out using their signature moves while the tower defence sections will have each player build their own fortress filled with traps and shinobi. This allows for a combination of both offensive and defensive play which keeps things interesting for the players. Along with the release of Mitsuki in the coming weeks it was also announced that the Raid Battles, a limited time event previously, are coming back to the game. The producer Masahiro Shirasaki told us that the characters are going to be easier to unlock going forwards as fans had said it was currently too difficult. This will be good news to those that already play and perhaps a good incentive to bring in new players.

Dragon Ball Legends which was announced yesterday is a brand new card based fighting game utilising the Google Cloud Platform to allow real-battles all across the globe and all on one network. Your basic attack is done by tapping the screen and you move with various swipes and movements, interestingly the game is being touted as a one finger fighting game, this falls in line with how Dragon Ball FighterZ made the console version more accessible to those not familiar with the genre. You select different cards to attack with each technique being represented by a different one, by combining these you can cause special attacks and cutscenes. It looks like you can have a party of six characters although you will only take three into a battle at one time.These characters come from all of the Dragon Ball stories including GT and even includes a brand new Saiyan character designed by Akira Toriyama himself, the team have said that they want to bring all of the characters from all sagas to the game and that they are committed to having them fully voiced in both English and Japanese.  The games Team Leader Keigo Ikeda and producer Toshitaka Tachibana talked to us about the upcoming title and they are both excited to see the new technology support this game and see how it performs. The game has been in development for about two and a half years and was produced with the help of Dimps who among other games produced the Xenoverse series, both Ikeda and Tachibana said this was due to their proven record with the franchise. Honestly, having had hands on with this game in the PVP mode, it is easy to say that the game is both incredibly accessible and incredibly good fun, definitely worth keeping an eye on.

So that is the bulk of what was put in the live stream today as well as some extra information from interviews with some people behind each game. Keep an eye out for the full interviews with the Sword Art Online Integral Factor and Dragon Ball Legends producers in the coming days as we got to talk about some interesting things.

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