An Interview with Gareth Coker

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | Microsoft Xbox 360 | PC

An interview with composer Gareth Coker, maestro behind the music for Ori and the Blind Forest. Gareth discusses his journey to composing for games, the instruments used in Ori and the influences on the outstanding score.

Tracks included:
Gareth Coker - Ori Lost in the Storm (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
Gareth Coker - Riding the Wind (feat. Rachel Mellis)
Gareth Coker - Up the Spirit Caverns Walls (feat. Tom Boyd)
Gareth Coker - The Waters Cleansed (feat. Tom Boyd)
Olivier Deriviere - Nilin the Memory Hunter
Nobuo Uematsu - FFVII Main Theme
Jason Graves - The Necromorphs Attack
Gareth Coker - Light of Nibel (feat. Aeralie Brighton)

Buy the score to Ori and the Blind Forest here.

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