5 Things You Can Do With Labo RC Cars

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo is out on 27th April and it is a genuine joy to build, play with and then mess around with. The most interesting thing about it is that you will get more out of it the more inventive you are, in the event you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for the RC Cars.

1) Sumo

Sumo Wrestling is an ancient Japanese wrestling style that dates back to around 1684 and involves two atheletes trying to push each other out of a ring or floor the opponent. Using the two RC Cars that come out of the Variety Pack you can simulate this by making a ring and getting the cars to duke it out until one is pushed out or over. You can add some bits onto the car to help your build and you can mess around with the weight and build of them too to make yours unique.

2) Football

Everyone loves football, well, everyone loves Rocket League, and while you could strap a rocket to your Labo Car it isn't something you should do. Other than that this is basically football in cars in real life, simply set up a couple of goals and see who can score the most. Once again, you can use the two out of the pack just as a 1v1 or if there is a group of you, this one can easily be scaled up for team play too.

3) Lancing

Lancing in real life can be pretty dangerous, doing it with remote control cars however is a blast. Simply figure out what kind of lancing you want to do, you could put a piece of paper on your car and stick a pen on and see who can draw on the other first, or who can cover the most paper. Alternatively you could put a figure on top of the car and use a little blu tack to stick it on and try to dismount the other rider. Either way you can have a lot of fun with ye olde sportes. (Not accurate old English)

4) Racing

This can be done in a few ways too, you could easily set up a drag race in a straight line. More exciting would be a set up race track that you could wonder around trying to get in the way of your opponent. You could even set up a full blown obstacle course and do it as a time trial, the options here are many and the best part about this one is that you only need one pair of Joy-Cons.

5) All Of This, In The Dark

Finally, and this is probably the coolest thing about the car, using the IR camera on the Joy-Con you can actually do all of this in the dark. Simply switch to the more complex control mode and can see a nights eye view of whatever is in front of your little vehicle. Using this you can do a lot of cool things, but for the purposes of this you can do all of the above things with the lights off too. It changes the dynamics of the few games in a really interesting way and adds an enjoyable angle to the games.

So there you are, 5 (OK, 8) things you can do with the two RC Cars that come out of the Variety Pack of Labo. Naturally there are loads of other things you could think up, all you need is a bit of time and a willingness to experiment and you can make a great time of Nintendo's new side project.


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