Announced: The Microsoft Adaptive Controller is definitely coming!

Microsoft have now officially announced their Microsoft Adaptive Controller designed to make gaming accessible to players who are unable to use conventional controllers. In a post on the Microsoft site the company goes into detail on the controller and its uses; and their aim to make a device that worked for people with many different disabilities.

In addition to the base controller the image above demonstrates a number of possible additions including a Wii nunchuck style attachment to give more accurate one handed control. Other attachments described and pictured in the article include a mouth controlled 'quad joystick', the leg controlled 'Ablenet' buttons.

The Microsoft Adaptive Controller is fully customisable and offers the widest possible range of uses for the widest range of users. It's been in development since 2014 and shows a real dedication to increasing gaming accessibility.

Amazing work Microsoft!


Windows Central are reporting on some leaked images of a new controller, code named Project Z, aimed at those with accessibility needs being developed by Microsoft which is expected to be unveiled at this year's keynote at E3 on 10th June.

The image, which was originally shared on Twitter, shows a controller designed with accessibility in mind with large programmable pads alongside a conventional d-pad.

There are also apparently a number of other inputs along the top edge of the controller that map to all of the conventional controller functions to allow for multiple gameplay possibilities. Additionally there is a standard USB port to allow connectivity to a PC for programming and a headphone socket.

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