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While Rezzed is undoubtedly an indie game show for everyone it really felt like one company was getting more out of it than any other. That company was of course Nintendo, which is entirely due to the amazing success of the Switch so far. The indie scene is a big contributor of this and they are being rewarded as a result, with lots of indie games seeing more success on the Switch than on other platforms. In fact the volume of games at the show that are coming to the platform is incredible, as is the quality of them. We thought it would be good to highlight some of the incredible titles that will be perfect on the hybrid console.

The influence is subtle but if you squint you can see it

As discussed in The Rezzed Report, Wargroove is coming to Switch and it could not be a better fit if Nintendo made it themselves. Heavily inspired by the incredible, but sadly absent, Advance Wars series of games for DS, Wargroove takes the turn based tactical styling of it's muse and takes it into a fantasy setting, adding things like witches, dragons and most importantly dogs. The combat is represented by the two units clashing in the same way as Advance Wars and it feels just as great as it used to. The advantage this game has however is that it has all of the game design lessons learned in the decade since the last game in the series. Add to that the genius and innovation that Chucklefish bring to their games and we are sure to be in for something special, add to that the portability and natural multiplayer prowess of the Switch and you have a perfect match.

The Switch gets a lot of slack for power, but just look at this

Have you ever dreamed of the wild west and of the natural slapstick comedy you can find there? How about being a stick figure and RPG systems? If the answer to any of these weirdly specific questions is yes, or even no, well then West of Loathing might be for you. While it was recently revealed to be joining the Switch library it was playable at Rezzed and it plays fantastically. The ability to play through and put the game into sleep mode whenever suit slower paced games so it'll be a joy to play. The fact that the game is genuinely funny and clever just adds to the addictive gameplay and you will find yourself enjoying the colourful black and white characters as well as the puzzles you have to solve and battles you must overcome.

The North/South divide has never gotten this bad thankfully

If turn based games aren't your thing but you still want a mental challenge then Bad North may well be the game for you. This rogue-lite real time strategy game bids that you defend your shores against the invading hordes of Vikings, to do this, instead of just telling your units what to do you give them general commands and they will do their best to perform them. The game is fairly challenging and with the procedurally-generated islands always offering a new experience the game is a great of tactical gameplay. Naturally there are unlockable upgrades as you go as well so the gameplay loop promises to be incredibly addictive.

Assume he will be striking everyone again, maybe even you

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is a slight departure for the series in that it isn't just a straight action game, instead it is a collection of different video games all in one place. Playing as Travis you will play through different genres as you proceed through the game, each one with the usual flair and style that Suda51 brings to his work. With the co-op play being a wonderful bonus and inciting some interesting gameplay elements it is sure to be a fantastic game. It was also one of the best Rezzed demos with the display ending with specific dialogue tailored to include not only the event but also the fact that rain had been scheduled in London. The meta references are sure to permeate the entire game and the humour is as great as ever.


With all of the technique required in fighting games they can be a little bit daunting to say the least. Having to learn the various levels of attack, special moves and the timing on top can be hard unless you are willing to put the time in. If you have ever wanted to play a fighting game but would rather you only had to use two buttons then I have some good news for you. Pocket Rumble is a fighting game with all of the timing and skill of any fighting game, but simplified down to two attack buttons. The key is in the direction you are holding as you attack, the timing of each strike, and of course learning the character you decide to main. With a wonderful aesthetic inspired by the Neo Geo Pocket Colour SNK games and all of the data you could ever want on display, the game is sure to be a hit with fighting game aficionados as well as those who want a jumping in point.

The cells may be dead but the gameplay definitely isn't

Above all of these games though is one which fits our love of rogue-likes so well that we would struggle to get enough time on it even if it came out yesterday. Dead Cells is a nigh on perfect distillation of Metroidvanias and the live-die-repeat nature of a rogue-like, it plays incredibly and the variety of weapons and play styles you can have is amazing. The combat is described as souls-lite, which here means tough but fair, dodging is your friend but so are the amazing weapons you can find. The game is as addictive as anything else on the console and is already wonderful on PC, but we also heard that there are some Switch specific tweaks to make it a fantastic version of an insanely good game.

This is still just a small selection of the games from the show that the ever improving Switch library is getting, the games are amazing and whether in handheld or on your TV they look and play wonderfully. It is getting tough to keep up with the ever expanding offerings that are coming out but these are just a few that will be worth your time and attention. It surely is a wonderful time to be a gamer.

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