Burnout Paradise Remastered Review

Reviewed on Microsoft Xbox One

Also available on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

Burnout Paradise Remastered is the latest in a long line of remasters that have seen older games been introduced onto the latest consoles. The series is now incredibly 10 years old and has had many variations with each player having their particular favourite. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of the game include all the DLC that was released for the game's release on the previous generation.

Fly high, fly free...fly fast!

It's abundantly clear from the very beginning is that the game has lost none of its charm. It's one of the first games to offer the open world system of racing where you can methodically search out every race or simply get lost by tearing around the maps in whichever car, bike or flying car (yes the DeLorean is included here) you choose. There is something pleasing speeding around the map, going far too fast for your own good spotting billboards or flashing gates and making a mental note to come back to them later on or seeing flashing lights up ahead thinking they are a Super Jump but in reality it's a cold brick wall which the game gives great pleasure in in slowing down your crash to a bone rattling end.

Coming back after all these years, where others games in the form of Need For Speed and The Crew have taken over as the go to racers it is great to see Burnout Paradise return to do what it does best. The remastering is, if not a complete overhaul, enough of a scrub up to warrant a double dip if you already own the original.

You don't have to know how a gearbox works either, the controls are the same as they've always been. Forget about learning how to drift (although this will come naturally as you progress through the game) the right trigger is accelerate and the left is your brake, A is boost (always fun!) and X is the E-Brake. Simple and effective.

One aspect of the game that is highly enjoyable is the upgrading of your license. Whereas other games may open up different pats of the city here, the city is indeed your playground, here with upgrades you get access to more cars. These cars are also peppered around the course so there is always a good cause to use the emergency brake and slide 180 degrees back the way you come when you see a particularly fancy car whip past you at 200mph an hour.

We may be wearing rose-tinted glasses when playing this Burnout thinking the remaster hasn't done that great a job but a cursory look at old YouTube clips would suggest otherwise. There has been a scrub up for next gen consoles, with the game running at an improved 60fps giving the game a silky smooth effect when you inevitably crash and burn and improving the response time when compared to the original classic. We also get 4K support for owners who have upgraded to X Box One X or PS4 Pro.

This is gonna hurt!

The races that are peppered throughout the maps are ones which at first seem easy but take one wrong turn and that 1st place finish can quickly turn into your worst nightmare and you end up rolling home in 8th before you can even comprehend what just happened. There are a myriad of tasks to complete, where you are marked car and the other cars have to get you, simple races A - B, and there is also an online mode where your crew have to perform specific tricks to get onto the next tasks.

Burnout Paradise Remastered, for all it's added bells and whistles, doesn't feel like a 2018 driving game though. The likes of the Forza Motorsport series for example, where the cars and environments are scarily close to the real world counterparts gives a more relatable driving game experience in 2018.

The question you will be asking yourself though, is this, is it worth it? If you want a game that feels like the pad is an extension of your person, where every turn, every race feels like an out of body experience where one false move means glorious vehicular madness. This games for you. If you want a party game where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scale of Paradise City in all its interconnected trials and tribulations. This games for you. Shame its still got Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend on the EA Trax List though...


A great remastering job to a game that is well worth a double dip.


out of 10

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