PlataGO: Super Platform Game Maker - Build Your Own Platform Game!

This looks pretty nice - PlataGO is a new game creation toolkit coming to PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4 soon. It allows you to create your own platform game with loads of inbuilt assets and a nice drag and drop interface with NO need to do any coding yourself!

PlataGO is already available on PC via Steam Early Access for just $4.99.

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker allows players to start creating platform games in minutes, thanks to its easy-to-use, super-intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.Click to drag environments and platforms, place enemies and collectibles into your stage in seconds – then hit ‘Play' to instantly jump in and test your creation! Without the need for any code, scripting or development knowledge, PlataGO! is designed from the ground up to be immediately accessible to gamers of all ages!

Already including a vast resource of graphics – like environmental tiles and enemy sprites, PlataGO! gives new players everything they need to start building immediately. PlataGO! also comes packed with a host of fun gadgets and elements to let your imagination run wild.From cannons to teleporters, gravity-flipping pads to moving platforms and deadly laser traps – PlataGO! gives players the license to be truly creative, while offering more experienced users the tools to make more advanced levels and game!

Once you've finished your creation, PlataGO! allows players to choose from a number of graphical themes, as well as the ability to instantly switch between filters that will make your creation look at home on classic consoles - from NES and Game Boy, to retro platforms like ZX Spectrum and C64!Last but not least, sharing your levels and games with the PlataGO! community is extremely easy – just hit ‘share' to upload your platformer for the world to play, and download the best levels and games the community has to offer.

PlataGO! is also available now on Steam via Early Access – giving you access to all features of PlataGO! including the ability to fully customise your own sprites, or add graphics from your favourite games!

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