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The Last Of Us - New Details and Images

Naughty Dog are the wonderfully talented developers of the Uncharted series - the third game came out just last November and we at The Digital Fix loved it very much - and they announced back in December their new IP, The Last Of Us, a seemingly post-apocalyptic survival tale centered around two characters, Joel and Ellie (the former a grizzly forty-something male and the latter a late teenage girl). The announcement trailer looked fantastic and now thanks to Game Informer we have some more details and images. We still don't know if this'll be launched in 2012 or 2013 but either way it's likely to be the last great hurrah for the PS3 as the ultimate platform exclusive before we see the PS4.

- Melee attacks and guns will play some part in proceedings but be careful as weapons will break after a while suggesting a certain level of resource management required

- You only control Joel, not Ellie BUT this isn't a big long escort mission. In fact, in Game Informer's playtime they found she needed no babysitting at all

- Part of the game, at least, is set in Pittsburgh

We're very excited by this title and will bring you more news as we get it - in the meantime check out the images below and head over to Game Informer for the original article.


Last updated: 18/04/2018 09:35:49

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