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Games of Winter-een-mas Awards - Adventure

Most sites have some form of annual awards ceremony, a critical elevation of the games that they feel have excelled in the previous year, that have pushed the boundaries of the industry out further and made an impact on anyone that has touched them. Still being fairly new to the gaming scene we thought that it would be a wee bit pretentious of us to do the same and so we decided on something completely different...

Welcome to The Digital Fix’s Games of Winter-een-mas 2012!

Instead of going all out with critical appreciation we have instead decided to nominate our Games of Winter-een-mas, following the official genre splits. Games were picked on criteria of accessibility, playability and whether or not they provided good old fashioned FUN. Without any further ado, we are therefore pleased to announce the The Digital Fix’s Adventure Game of Winter-een-mas 2012…

The Digital Fix’s Adventure Game of Winter-een-mas 2012 is...



Released a year ago and supported by many, many DLC packages since Magicka is everything a Winter-een-mas game should be – laugh-out loud funny, compulsive, compelling, easy to access and most of all it gets even better when you try it out with more people!

Paradox were overjoyed with the award, although being super busy with the Paradox Interactive Convention they could only manage a "Yey!" as an acceptance quote. Which pretty much sums them up as the fun-loving company that they are!

While certainly not a point and click, and miles away from the adventure stylings of other modern offerings Magicka manages to offer cracking gameplay that feels old school, an achievement in anyone's eyes. The ongoing support continues as well, with the next expansion Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin only recently announced.


Make sure you stick with us throughout the week as we announce the other winners, and please be sure to drop in on our charity drive and throw some money at (game) needy kids.

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