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Bioshock Infinite VGA trailer!

Who didn't love Bioshock? Irrational Games' take on the first person shooter but with brains given that it provided one of the most satisfyingly intellectual narratives full of choice, morals, surprise and more as the player made their way through Rapture. It was a stunning piece of gaming wrapped up in a fabulous tech. with Big Daddies as the cherry on the cake.

Bioshock Infinite, set in the air city of Columbia looks to be equally immense. Below is the latest trailer for this 2012 game, and it shows off more of the city as well as some gunplay. But most importantly, the biggest thing to take home is the scale. This game is not stuck inside the underwater city of Rapture - no, this is much bigger. We still don't know much about our companion (and person we're trying to save?) Elizabeth, though.

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