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Big Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update!

Platforms: Android | Nintendo 3DS

Today the latest firmware update for Nintendo 3DS went live and it's a big one. Some of the items of interest:

1) 3D video capture, which will allow you to record up to 10 minutes of 3D video in the palm of your hands, so you can shoot your own mini blockbuster or simply capture your special family moments, all in stunning 3D.

2) New features will become available in the StreetPass Mii Plaza, including new panels to swap and collect for Puzzle Swap. You will also have the option to embark on a new StreetPass Quest, with new tools to help beat your enemies, in addition to new hats to discover and collect.

3) Accomplishments!!! Only in StreetPass Mii Plaza so far but these are effectively achievements / trophies, or at least Nintendo's version of them. Indication that games will get accomplishments soon? We can hope...

4) A new challenge now awaits StreetPass fans. A geographical map is now available to complete, with each collectible section based on a location. Like a jigsaw, each time you meet a new person from each region, you gain another piece of the map. The more people you meet from a different country, the more sections of the map you’ll collect!

5) The Nintendo eShop will also receive an upgrade. Users will have the option to play demo versions of select Nintendo 3DS releases, enabling players to try a game before making a purchase decision. There is also the option to conduct downloads whilst the system is in Sleep Mode, allowing multiple downloads to conveniently occur the next time users are not actively using their Nintendo 3DS.


Exciting times if you're a Nintendo 3DS owner - demos, 3D video and accomplishments all adding up to move the console forwards and ensure the handheld experience it provides is the best available. For more information head over to Nintendo here.

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