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Skyrim Update Incoming

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox 360 | PC | Sony PlayStation 3

Xbox 360 owners rejoice, the wait is over! A new patch for Skyrim will be released tomorrow. Here is a breakdown of the fixes contained within the patch...

  • Fixed issue where textures would not properly upgrade when installed to drive
  • Fixed issue where projectiles did not properly fade away
  • Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player's wedding dead
  • Dragon corpses now clean up properly
  • Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack
  • Fixed rare NPC sleeping animation bug
  • Fixed rare issue with dead corpses being cleared up prematurely
  • Skeleton Key will now work properly if player has no lockpicks in their inventory
  • Fixed rare issue with renaming enchanted weapons and armor
  • Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death

Bethesda also said (via their official blog) "After releasing the 1.2 update, we will continue to monitor forums, blogs, etc. for issues you are reporting, and we will keep you updated on further updates to improve your gameplay experience."

Time to re-install Skyrim.

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